Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Women's doubles badminton: Olympic disqualification

You might have heard the news. Eight women badminton players were disqualified for purposely 'throwing away' their matches. If not read this first.

 Who is to blame for this ugly predicament? Definitely the organizers! First of all these stupid organizers for no good reason decided to give 'underdog' players a better fighting chance by implementing round robin group stage preliminary rounds instead of using the usual  'sudden-death' format. What happens is the players are forced into groups where the top two groups advance into the quarter-finals. On paper, the claim was that the players will get a best of a few games representation. In reality it is a recipe for disaster.

Do the organizers not want every player to play every game as if it were their last? Implementing the group stage format means, players who have qualified have the luxury to throw away their last matches, the main reason being to avoid competitors that are higher ranked.

Have the organizers never heard of 'kiasu-ism'?

Seriously the players job is just to win.

They can do anything they want to win.

Even throwing away games.

Saying things like 'violating the spirit of the games'- i can only say that the organizers are too naive.

Perhaps also the rewards for garnering a medal is too big not to employ a strategy. A strategy that might end up causing 4 doubles team to lose without even meaning to.

Olympic badminton organizing committee. Please use some brains next time?

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