Sunday, 29 July 2012

Pink products to make you (and me) happy

Phew what a weekend it has been. It's good to know that there are great people to offer support in times of need, in KL as well as in JB.

With that, settled. It's time for work. Frantically (erm sort of) doing some literature review for my research project (i need some inspiration) while blogging at the same time. That's how good i am at procrastination. I guess Sunday's do that to me.Not too sure whether it happens to everyone. But i definitely feel so very lazy on Sundays.

Here are some of my recent buys, most of them not surprisingly pinkish..

Since i was a teenager, i've seen numerous permutations and ads of the Ginvera Marvel Gel, the current one being Green Tea. I've always been skeptical about this product but when i read a UK based beauty blogger raving about this product, i find no reason not to give this Singaporean product a try. Ginvera and Bio-essence is born out of the same company.

The marvel gel that touts to remove blackhead painlessly- the concept if like the FACESHOP blackhead remover grommage- but less messy, and i heard of the Ginvera one first.

After using up the sample sized gel cleanser given free with the Clarisonic Mia (yup post exam i went ahead and bought it and it's been good for me so far), i went ahead and bought something similarly gentle on the skin (since i double cleanse anyway), Cetaphil! A whole big bottle of it. I don't think i'll be running out of cleanser anytime soon.. just when i wanted to go and try Philosophy's Purity cleanser.. Drats!

As the bottle says, it's VERY mild! Don't like the fact there are parabens in it though..hmm..

The whole arm candy craze has gotten to me, hence my first foray (i find it extremely difficult to get anything that looks good on my tiny wrists)- these gamut of ethnic mix from Forever 21 for RM25. I can probably get this for less than RM10 in Cambodia/Thailand/local nightmarket though (kicking self). And would you believe it the colour from the red beaded bracelet runs!

WARNING: A lot of pink stuff ahead, all courtesy of a dollar shop called Daiso.

Bath salts, Rose scented. I wanted something for my feet to soak in. This turns the water a crazy red pink colour.

Peach handcream bought solely on the basis of the pretty white polka-dot on pink background packaging.

Door hook with pink jewel detail. How it works is it hangs at the top of your door and the jewel portion is the hook to hang your clothes. Simple concept but oh so pretty!

How the whole door hook looks like.

Chocolate with strawberry flavoured centre. Quite decent. Not many chocolate pieces in the bag though.

 I went on a pink spree in Daiso that day but managed to keep the item count to a limit of 5. I'm so frugal i amaze myself.

The fifth item is this 'sort of pink' Royal Milk Tea - i mean the packaging not the tea. It's tea, in powdered form (I know ..i really don't recommend this) Plus it tastes really bland.

Made some crepes with my brother's girlfriend the other day and decided to take some pictures since i seldom ever make anything edible, so it's quite an event.

This is hours of labour right here.

I know, it looks like runny pancakes stacked up.

The view from the top.

 The Mille crepe cake after 4 hours of refrigeration.

It tasted okay and it was satisfying to make a cake without an oven


LauraLeia said...

Ooooh the mille crepe cake looks yummy!! :D I love all the pink stuff you can get from Daiso, hehe.

saltvinegar said...

And it was yummy!! But I now finally understand why it costs Rm6-8 per slice. It's really labour intensive!

The Geeky Rabbit said...

I got the door hook too! I actually use it on my desk drawer (happened that it fitted perfectly) to hand my plastic bags and little barangs. Love the random stuff Daiso has!


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