Saturday, 7 July 2012

Singapore sights and sounds

The Marina BAy area is now the most scenic area in Singapore. With the opening of Gardens by the Bay, the place is even more photo pretty.

Lack of land? No problem, construct a lotus pond on the outdoor terrace of the 3rd floor (don't quote me on this) of a building why don't you?

LV Island Maison why you so lovely?

No waterfall on the island? No problem, construct a half filled globe of water and put a hole at the base so water flows into the man-made pond below right smack in the middle of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Waiting for H&M to oepn in KL.In the meantime go check out H&M in Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale. Bad idea.. the place is packed on weekends with locals and tourists alike. The line to the dressig room was snaking, but somehow with patient and orderly customers, i did not have to wait too long.

Hate dressing rooms where the curtains feel like they are going to fly open, or leave a gaping hole while you change? Make double tiered dressing room curtains available! Every dressing room should be like this!

Some of the clothes i tried.. but only bought one dress.. i know i could have done better!
Remember what i said about pastel? It's pastel shorts/pants galore at H&M.

It helps to browse the website first before going, so you can zoom in on things you fancy.

Bought a really nicely packaged hair dye from Watsons. It's supposed to be the foam hair dye type which i bought in French chocolat. Hope it works like Liese without the horrible smell.

Comes with a free coaster.

Went to Ion Orchard. Shopped at Daiso *kiamsiap stingy savvy shopper*. But in my defence some of the stuff at the Daiso over there we don't see in KL Daiso's.

Kameria anti-acne BB cream (trial version). Only around S$4.50.

Leg slimming patch.

I don't think it works though.Anyway these are the contents of the slimming patch.


blackberryfashion said...

Wow, amazing pictures :) I'm following you now :)

saltvinegar said...

Thanks dear!


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