Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Travel - but for work

I really wish i can update my blog daily with all things pastel,happy and buy-worthy. The sad reality is though, i've been busy. Working. Like everyone else.

I passed part one of my Masters in Pathology programme and thus for part 2 of the programme I can now sub-specialize into my chosen field, Haematology.

Choosing to come back to Jb for my training means work is a mere 5 minutes away, food is always on the table, many willing people (my family) to listen to my whines and complaints, Singapore TV! and a designated library at home for me to study (yup, my dad really wanted us to read). I am comfortably back into my comfort zone after nearly a decade away from home.

However, that also means i have to constantly travel to see my hubby who is still in good old Slim River, as well as for attachments and courses in KL. Which is probably a good thing, since i get the best of both worlds? But travelling is pretty tiring.

Just yesterday, this was my travel schedule, with price added in just in case anyone's wondering.

6:25 am Train from Slim River to KL Central (RM10)
8:00 am Taxi from KL Central to Hospital (RM18)
4:00 pm  Finish class and presentation
4:15 pm Taxi from Hospital to Bus Terminal (RM10)
5:00 pm KL to Jb (RM 31)
9:00 pm Reach home

Phew, thank God for Iphones. Or else i would be so bored!

And now i'm stressing out on finding a research topic.

Ugh.. thank God i have have weekends off now.

But what i learnt from all my travelling? How much i miss Slim River! The temperature over there is like 25 degrees every morning, blanketed by mist. I wake up to the birds chirping, and i end up snuggling back under my comforter, because how can anyone wake up when enveloped in cool fresh air like the one over in Slim River?

I think i might end up retiring over there. Just as soon as i can find a way for me to get Singapore Tv channels and shipments of 8Days over there.

And thus. Pretty pictures will have to wait another day. But i tell you i spent RM 400 on a one day shopping spree in KL so you can expect some purchase pictures.

Till then..working hard


Angeline Ng said...

Ga yaooooo! :D Your work and masters are more important! :))

saltvinegar said...

Thank you Angeline!!


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