Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympic mania- Marcel Nguyen

My lack of time for anything but the Olympic games, means I have no new pictures to show and really nothing very much to share except for.. the Olympics. Having the Olympic games in London also mean odd hours for live matches and a very sleepy me the next morning. I've been watching rather religiously, a sport that i only watch during major sporting tournaments like the Olympics- Gymnastics!

Yeah yeah not exactly a 'sport' to many, but i am simply enamored by the sport. I really don't remember when i started watching it, but i do remember being thoroughly impressed by one Russian gymnast called Svetlana Khorkina. Google her at your own risk though, because with fame and fortune came a few nude photo spreads.

Anyway, i digress. I usually start watching with no clear favourite and end up rooting for gymnasts i don't know anything about prior.

The stand out star this time being, half German half Vietnamese, Marcel Nguyen.

I mean he looks like this!

But of course you have to see him in action- he's awesome on the parallel bars and pretty good too on the floor rotation.

I was watching the usual gymnastic live telecast where he won silver in the men's individual all-rounds competition.

He even has his own Kitty DearDaniel.

All picture credits to his Facebook page here.

Am looking forward to catching the individual artistic gymnastic finals as well as the start of the rhythmic gymnastic competitions even though i am in no way ever going to be able to even do a split.#couchpotatogymnast

But of course, i'll also be rooting for the Malaysian team in the badminton games with or without public holiday/ free ice cream.

That's all for my entirely frivolous and superficial fluff post.

Here's to many more sleep deprived nights.

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