Wednesday, 2 May 2007


I’m so happy for my cousin. She found the love of her life in the form of a tall strapping policeman. I’ve never seen her so happy before. This may be due to the fact that when I usually see her during Chinese New Year or wedding dinners, there will always be some smart aleck auntie or uncle asking her the all-too-dreaded question~

‘ When are you getting married?’

These statements mean nothing to the person who asks them but it certainly hurts the person at the brunt of the questioning.

Usually everyone around just keeps quiet. But there can sometimes be some blur passers-by.

‘Ya ya where is your boyfriend? You’re not getting any younger you know.’

At this point you can slice the tension with a knife.

There can only be a few possible answers to these types of brutal questions.

  1. Don’t have yet. Waiting for you to introduce lor.
  2. I’m still young la. I don’t want to be tied down yet.
  3. Where got time to pak toh? I’m so busy..
  4. Too many suitors already. Dunno which one to choose.

When the obvious answers in their mind is ‘None of your business. Take your happily in love offspring away and go harass someone else.’

I don’t want to become like these aunties! I vow never to be like them when I grow up. But lately I seem to have started using this exact phrase on friends as a conversation starter.

‘When are you getting married?’

This has never failed me~ that is until recently when I asked a friend~

‘I just broke up with my boyfriend. I’m single now.’

Doing doing doing ~ How could I have been so heartless? I know how it feels like to have gone through heartbreak. And the last thing u want is someone reminding you of the pain and bleak loneliness you now face.

It hurtles someone back into depression, despair, dementia….you name it~ It’s like losing your pet but 10 times worse.

And I may have been guilty of inducing it. Sometimes I seriously need to think before I speak.


sckhsmc2007 said...

Your blog is definitely not Internet Explorer friendly ahaha =P But never mind lar, a lot of people are using Mozilla Firefox Browsers nowadays...

Ur "html codings as in Internet Language" appears in ur blog entries in Internet Explorer =P

Just a heads up! =P

Try with ur Internet Explorer viewer to have a look-lar =P

sckhsmc2007 said...

Oh yah something I want to tell u is that ur MAIN TITLE of ur blog is a fullstop --> . (there is a fullstop in ur banner)

Coz I think after u put the banner with the cakes and the title Salt and Vinegar imprinted onto it, u forgotten to type in the name of ur blog... mebbe wanna do tat again, or its hard for ppl to find ur blog via any major search engines =P

Jinsterz said... when are you getting married?


your answer must be no.4 rite?

anyways, yeah..head before mouth..recite this mantra after yourself..head before mantra

head before mantra.

p.s. chiam, fussy la u

Jinsterz said...

btw, give me your password la
i know what chiam is going on and on about..can fix it for you

for a price, of course.
A trip to kl

Jinsterz said...

no more heartbreaks for you la, unless u break it yourself


sckhsmc2007 said...

Muahahahahahahhahaha... abothen why i still single mah... hahahahahahaha =P

saltvinegar said...

Yeah la~ why like tht wan? I only use mozilla so i had no idea~ Thnks Chiam!

The full stop i put it there cos i dun wan the salt and vinegar title to be repeated twice.. hehe got anyone wanna search for my blog mer? But will try and do something bout tht la hehe

JH> ^^ ur call man~

I dun need to answer la~ i got you what~ doing doing doing

And what is this head b4 mantra thing? Not head b4 mouth mer?

Yeah yeah u go and fix for me.. use my hotmail account to get in.. the password i think you noe lor~


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