Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Langkawi Day 2

okies after the outburst of emotions yesterday I've finally come to terms with the impending posting to Ipoh. Ha ha ha so i guess I'd better make the most with what I've got.

These are more of the pictures that we took in Langkawi.

Jh woke me up bright and early at 7 am!! cos he didn't want to be late for the buffet breakfast~ i was less than excited bout a breakfast but i gotta eat ~ so yups the breakfast was the usual mix of east(nasi lemak, noodles, roti canai etc) and west(cereal, bread,jams and butter, sausages, hash browns tea coffee fruits etc) breakfast. Then we had till 10 am to wait till our island hopping tour. Grrr...

The stupid tour coordinators at the Awana Porto Malai activity centre charged us RM40 each while we overheard that the other tourists from other agencies were charged only RM 25!!! And they were ang moh's and hongkies and Koreans and Africans and they got a better deal than us locals?? I feel damn stupid okie? They are much better at haggling than us.. or maybe they got a more honest tour person. Sien.. anyway.. we took lots of pictures.

Looking weird in sunnies~

The Island of the pregnant maiden. Can u see it? Ur supposed to see the head, her breasts,hand resting on her abdomen and pregnant bump. Good imagination eh those ppl? Anyway there is this freshwater lake in the island.And its cool cos its separated just by a bit of land from the sea water. And legend has it, the water in the lake has magical powers. Women who were barren for years were able to conceive after taking a dip in those waters~Muahaha.

Eagle feeding. The eagles were already waiting for us to go feed them.

Ang Moh beach~ we stopped at one of the beaches for a swim.Lovely clean, pristine beach.

I just love the colour of the sea.It has like2-3 shades of blue/green

The islands were teeming with monkeys~ one even stole our plastic bag which contained JH's clothes. Muahaha he had to really run after the little fella. This monkey was less aggressive. Here he is enjoying a banana handed out by a Korean lady from our boat.

Even though i was really tired, JH insisted that we cover more ground today. So we head on down to the Oriental Village to get on the cable cars.

On our way up up up.. supposed to be the longest cable car route in SEA.

Nice bridge~ the cable car stops at a few rest areas to that we could take in the view and cool crisp air. This was one of it with a lovely suspension bridge.

Notice tht its getting a little misty? Cos we went there in the evening.

er.. no comment~

After the cable car ride we went on down to go feed some animals. Cos we love animals~

Cute bunny running away from me. The older ones were much more friendly while this little cutie absolutely refused to touch our food.

Showing his bum at me.

I was feeding the rabbits and JH asked me to feed the deers with the rabbit food! WHAT?? But i did it anyway and soon they were swarming over me. Imagine a had only one tiny little packet to be shared by 4 baby deers~

JH getting chummy with Mr. rabbit.

Cos we've heard so much about 'The Datai' which charges up to a few thousand per night per room, we decided to go sneak in. It was in a super secluded part of the island and there were hardly any locals there except the workers~ I think this is the first time i felt so uncomfortable on home soil. i was waiting for someone to come and 'shoo me out or something. haha but nothing happened la. The Caucasian guests were actually pretty friendly.

Anyway we didn't stay long. Took one picture and left. Haha and this is one of the chalets there.

Yup tht concludes day 2~


sckhsmc2007 said...

Legends of getting pregnant... hmmmm... so it seems to sound the same for that Meriam Sri Rambai facing the northwest corner of Fort Cornwallis as well... =P

saltvinegar said...

Oooh i guess getting pregnant was a really important attraction back then~ i hear some ppl even bottle the water to take back~

Btw are u happy with ur posting?

sckhsmc2007 said...

Yeah... last time conceiving is quite an important issue, and so is it now as well... hahahaha =)

I'm hepi! yesh! mei you wen ti! =)


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