Saturday, 5 May 2007

Friendster messages

A few days ago i went on Friendster and was pleasantly surprised to find a friendly friendster message from a friend of a sister of a friend (the wonders of Friendster)~

'Hi. Cn i know u'

Well it was a short and sweet friendly gesture from someone at least from my network of friends. But it did'nt really occur to me to reply.. I mean i'm 'in a relationship' so its not right for me to reply right? Hmm.. but since he messaged even though he knew i was in a relationship with a little boy who was omnipresent in my friendster photos, well, he really must just want to be friends ya?

This got me thinking of what my friend told me the other day.

Friend :'I've put my profile as a private profile now so that people won't send me messages.'

Me:'Just put ur status as 'in a relationship' la.'

Friend:'They will still bother me de'

Hmmm.... Is it tht much of a bother?

I went through all the contents of my friendster inbox and realized tht i had amassed quite a number of messages from people tht i didn't know. And the majority were from males. Don't girls want to be friends with me? Well, apparently only 2~

Judging by the dates, the bulk of these friendly friendster messages were from the days when i was still single. Sheesh~ there was one every other day and none of these people were even in my extended network of friends!Interesting~ So what exactly is written in these friendly messages?

They can be classified into a few types~

Type 1. Short and sweet. Reveal as little as possible.

Sample 1 :

Subject: hiiiii

Message: dont know what 2 say but 1stly can i b ur friend?

Sample 2:

Subject: Hope can be ur friend.....

Message: Hope can be ur friend.....
Thank You

Perhaps realizing tht his message was a little too brief, the said guy quickly sent another msg

Subject: Re: Hope can be ur friend.....

Message: i from kl
and chinese guy
studying tarc
and nothing

Yup, that certainly helps~

Type 2. Introduce yourself adequately as you would in IRC. Put in some phone numbers, ICQ numbers and e-mail address while ur at it.

Sample 1 :

Subject: hihi

Message: Hi, my name is Paul. I am chinese male from
P_ _ _ and working as Junior Claim Executive at
Kuala Lumpur now. I am 26 this year. Me currently
stay at Setapak area. Could we be friend and
keep in touch always? My email is
p_ _ and ICQ is 1_ _ _8.
U can reach me at 017-_ _ _ by sms too.
Hope to hear from u very soon and take care. See
ya and bye.

Sample 2:

Subject: Hello^_^

Message: i,m kelvin 28/m,forn jb too,Care to intro urself pls,i
hope can be a friend wit u!love is a long
vacation,when can find a true love .............u agree
wat i,m saying! my email is
k_ _,pls add me be ur friend 10q
^_^ and have a lucky day for u.
p/s:wanna dating wit me!! Heheheh

Type 3. Try and find a common interest and make good use of it.

Sample 1:

Subject: hi

Message: can make fren with u, miss future doctor? if can,
maybe u can give me ur email add so that i can
add u in. where do u study now?
p.s.: i also like to see japanese movie. i have few
collection of japanese movie such as love
revolution, gto, love generation, and etc.............
What bout u? Which japanese movie that u like

Type 4. Pretend you know the person you're messaging

Sample 1:

Subject: hie

Message: u look familiar to me.....mind be friends??

I actually fell for one of these type of messages though not this one. I though the person was my brother's friend~~ sheesh~~

Type 5. Show your creative side. Use colourful anecdotes.

Sample 1:

Subject: hihi

Message: Hi, my name is Dennis. Friends add color to life.
Would you like to start a beautiful friendship and
add color to my life?

Type 6. Be long-winded

Sample 1:

Subject: Greetings from Singapore

Message: Dear Caroline,

I always have problem trying to break the ice, but
well, I’ll give it my best shot, in any case. I got to
know of this friendster thingie a couple of days
ago and unsurprisingly, you wouldn’t have to
guess that my so-called friend-list is empty at the

I came across your particulars when I clicked the
link to the gallery and to be honest with you, you
seem to look like a friendly person whom is, at the
very least, approachable; a trait, very unlike
myself. I am considered by most to be, in a
strange way, “rigid” and of course, there are many
interpretations as to what “rigid” means here, but
that would be a tale for another time. But, I must be
getting ahead of myself as I have yet to introduce
myself. No doubt, you will be able to obtain the
general information from my profile but still, when it
comes to introductions it is best done first hand.

I was born a day after Christmas in the year 197_,
and was then entitled the name O_ _ by my
grandfather who recently passed away due to old
age. He was pretty old when he passed away, and
age of 85, if I am not mistaken. Ever since then, I
had lived my early years in a remote town, known
as Teluk Intan, which I think you might not had
heard of it seeing that you come from far south. I
am however, not totally ignorant to the ways things
are in the south, but I’d hold up this tale for the
moment and proceed with my particulars. I
received my early education in a Methodist
primary school whereby students of mixed
ethnicity gather about and study there. Not the
best of schools in my hometown, but still one of the
best. Upon reaching secondary school, I was
transferred to a school with Malays being the
highest portion of the school population. Not that
the school is bad, it did bag the title of “Sekolah
Harapan Negara” two years before I was enrolled
into the school, but still the Chinese appear to be
the minority there. You wouldn’t believe it if I tell
you that there were only five Chinese students in
my school when I was in Secondary Five, but that
is fact, not fiction. Fortunately, we were all in the
same class. Of course, my so-called adventures in
my schooling days are numerous and it would take
a few pages to completely pen down all of them,
but again, you shall have to excuse me to hold up
these tales for another day.

Upon completing Secondary Five, I was
successful in securing a place in UTM, i.e.,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for a bachelor’s
course in mechanical engineering. We were lucky
those days as UTM was still accepting SPM
graduates to participate in their university. This
system was abolished three years later. Coming
back now to my experience in the south, you might
have guessed now that this is how I get to know
the way things are in the south. In fact, I was living
in Johore for four and a half years throughout my
time in UTM. Well, in truth, it had supposed to be
only four years but the government had imposed
an act whereby all students from UTM were
supposed to take up extra subjects and at that
time I was held up by my final year dissertation
because my supposed to be supervisor handed
the project to another student without realizing that
I had already registered for his project and hence,
the extra six months. Some may view it as a waste
but I think it was worth the time, as I graduated the
best student in my faculty. That gave me two
certificates upon graduation instead of one. To
view it in a way, some may comment that I obtain
this honor illegally but I wasn’t outdone by all my
other course-mates who completed their courses
within four years. I was at least one of the best
among them, though definitely not the best, as I
am very sure that one of my friend is superior than
me in terms of studies, but I still rank the fifth best
among my other course-mates.

Upon gradu . . .

I actually like this type the most cos it's the most sincere.Well, unless they cut and paste and send it to everybody that is~

Type 7: Be weird?????????

Sample 1:

Subject: Hi Dear

dear, you are such a cute girl... Well dear, do you
have ur feet photo.. I just wondering how cute will
be ur feet and toes.. Hmmmm if you do have..
please sent to me.. Currenty I am doing
photographs for shoe modeling.. Let's see ur feet
can be model for the shoes..

Well you know what.. if you became high heels
model... U can wear the shoes.. and some other
supermodel guys will pose with you at ur feet...
that's funny but that's how it's works when women
become famous.. man will be at ur feet.

Okie i really don't know how to comment on this one. A bit shocked too. Did he really think i would reply? Weird feet fetish?? Shudder~

Type 8: Be the weirdest one of all

Groan~ is it a wonder why my friend decided to keep her profile private?

I'm not saying that it's wrong to know someone through friendster, in fact i'm sure many couples have come into being through friendster~ it's just that some people choose to abuse rather than use it responsibly.

I wonder if guys get the same from girls?


Jinsterz said...

im not really omnipresent also..i only appear exclusively in 2 of your many many pictures..

wah damn layan them
zzz mau mati ka
that's it. im gonna login to your friendster to read

anyway, all their english tak boleh pakai..damn lau yah
and then hor..and then hor..

nothing. Ask me in person

Jinsterz said...

actually, thats why i nvr put up my photo..

nanti every girl flock to me..i dowan also cannot help it..nanti sekali-sekala cannot contain also not good rite


p.s. maybe if u take down all your photos..this wont happen. LOL

saltvinegar said...

Haiya~ u try and put up ur photos see got any girls throw themselves on you or not?


Then u can blog it here~

Woot woot waiting for tht! Will be the first to message you hehehehe~

sckhsmc2007 said...

I got put pictures but no ger2 write 2 me one =(

Celaka!!! Wahahahaha jeles-nyer!!

sckhsmc2007 said...

Wahahaha... I like the long winded one the best =P LMAO! What if one day he were to bumped into ur blog and looksee2 that u made him femes!

Muahahahaha =O

saltvinegar said...

There was actually a part 2 and part 3~ he seemed like a nice guy la.Hope he doesn't slug me~

p/s Girls out there u noe what u have to do to get Mr. Chiam's attention hehe...

sckhsmc2007 said...

Wah wanna promote me also not lidat mah =_+ Ahahaha....

saltvinegar said...

wah~ then how?

Teach me ler..

Post it in ur blog?? tee hee hee

sckhsmc2007 said...

Wahahah =P nebermind... hehe...

Jinsterz said...

why u all take frienddster so seriously ?

WHY ?!

saltvinegar said...

Never take it seriously also

_ _"


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