Saturday, 19 May 2007


For some unknown reason, Way Tern's picture disappeared after one day online? Can someone pls tell me what happened? I've reposted the picture though. Ha ha ha hope it stays on this time..

Well, i was in a really pensive reflective mood today cos it struck me real hard once again that my holidays were coming to an abrupt end. Ok ok not very abruptly, but it sure does feel that way to me. 3 months just sped past me in the blink of the eye. Why oh why does time fly by so fast when i'm having fun? Lets just hope our 2 years of housemanship will be over in a blink of the eye~ ha ha wishful thinking ya? I am just too optimistic for my own good, i tell you.

Well after 3 months of living the life of a very free housewife, the reality of going to WORK up to 24 hours a day just terrifies me. Yes, i've been on call before but i can't help but feel detached from the medical world after 3 months of doing practically nothing but relax~ Aaaahh~
I'd better start reading up my books real soon or risk serious embarrassment when working~

I'm excited by the prospect of starting a brand new life in a foreign (to me anyway) place but also dismayed by the fact that i am 7 hours (by road) from home. The worst bit is that (ok i heard this from a hairstylist so not exactly foolproof facts) there is no direct flight from Ipoh to JB. I have to transit at KLIA. And according to him, the flights to Jb are usually at night .. ~ Dang~ I'll have to sort all that out when i get to Ipoh.

So then there's the problem of accommodation. According to Mee Mei, the hostels are pretty good and are conveniently within the hospital compound with furniture provided. And~ we can move out anytime we want if we find better accommodation. Coolness~ except that it is a twin sharing room. So u'd better pray your room mate is not some mentally tormented houseman or medical officer. Apparently there is no problem with a guy and girl sharing a room~ *thts an eye-opener, cos i remembered that no guys were allowed at a girls hostel in local unis* Hmm~ but there's the question of availability and 'what will ppl think?'.Hahahahaha am i a worry wart or what. So with me being a worrywart albeit an optimistic one, (contradictory i know) i'm just hoping that these things will all be sorted out once i reach Ipoh.

Shopping though will not be a problem cos there's a Jusco located 10minutes from the hospital or so i heard so i am going to look forward to blowing my salary on some irrelevantly expensive yet pretty treats for myself.. muahaha.. i'm also wondering how much of my salary should go to my parents? 1k? For the first month~ hahaha but still already a big chunk of my salary. Sorry, i really shouldn't plan on how to spend my money when i don't even have it yet.

What i really worry will be the lack of my daily dose of Singapore TV and weekly dose of 8 Days (weekly Singaporean entertainment mag). I grew up on it , i can't help it. I'm probably going to subscribe to MobTv a broadband tv download service so i can watch all the spore tv i want at my own time~if i do have the time anyway~ Sorry i don't want to sound like a bimbo but unfortunately tv is a big part of my life.

Of course most importantly, i want to be a good doctor. I'll do the best i can to treat my patients with the outmost respect and highest level of care that i am able to provide as a doctor.

A new chapter of life is beginning for me and many of my batch mates.

I guess things happen for a reason.

Well let me end this post with a picture of JH's new toy~



sckhsmc2007 said...

Woooiseh! Chun mia hi-end mia computer! Lau nua liau... =P

saltvinegar said...

Pls pls pls dun lau nuah~

Ha ha ha~ later ur mom have to clean


sckhsmc2007 said...

no lar... only the cyber cafe mia pakcik will chase me out la hahaha...


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