Tuesday, 15 May 2007


~ i am crushed~
Jh and i both got our 3rd choice which is none other than Ipoh.
Since we thought that we would get Malacca for sure, not much thought was put into the 2nd and 3rd choices at all. In fact i didn't put in any thought and all and just followed blindly.
Now i only have myself to blame for such a stupid blunder.
Far away from home.
In a boring 'town'.
Where everyone speaks Cantonese.
And i don't know a word~

Pls remind me to think for myself in the future.
I have no one to blame but me~


sckhsmc2007 said...

Awwww... I feel u man, I feel u!

But hey! You don't have to spend too much money on SKII liau, got Ipoh Taugeh! =P

saltvinegar said...

sign~ Ipoh taugeh??!!

Wat a way to cheer me up, Chiam~~

Anyway i'm all better now. accept my fate liao ^-^

Jinsterz said...

hey are u online?

sckhsmc2007 said...

Take care man!

Lavanya said...

I was shocked that nobody got Malacca too (as im aware of)! But ur 3rd choice? Thought it was 2nd...but anyway, sounds like you are joining us there afterall, not appealing. At least (looking on the bright side), you & JH are lucky to be posted together & not booted off to some district hospital/some place where u are the oni IMU-grad!

Well…the onli reason I chose Ipoh (besides that my parents ‘suggested’ I try north after leaving home for long) was that almost every1 I asked around told me to choose Ipoh/Penang for HO...as Ipoh GH’s one of the best teaching hospitals...and made it sound like ~Why on earth I want to go far faraway when I have a good hospital near home~

And so far…HOs there are happy, and gave positive feedback =) – though of coz busy...we’ll find out for ourselves soon!
Hopefully, u’ll change ur mind abt Ipoh being the ‘boring town’ after a few mths. Of coz not as happening as JB or KL lar...after all, I believe its still bigger than Seremban! Haha…you survived TWO years there what, Cantonese oso...

As a ex-classmate (JMOs in Ipoh GH) told me: “This’ a good hospital. Welcome! See you soon”. As a true-blue Perakian (at heart...though I wasn’t born here, spent major part of my life here), all that I can say IS: “Welcome to Perak!” & sama-sama we’ll all explore Ipoh (I don’t go Ipoh often either..but am beginning to see it as my home for the next couple of yrs) & happily endure (I seriously wish to say ENJOY, but who am I kidding? =p) our time there, gal.

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha ha thnks so much for the encouraging message! Really hope tht i would be able to survive the 2 years there~ But what i hate the most is being so far away from my family~~ I so envy u as ur family is just a drive away~

I guess its during these times that u truely understand that home is always best~

See you soon in Ipoh!


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