Thursday, 10 May 2007

Gossip monger

I woke up at 11 am this morning. (Yes, I am certified lazy... forgone conclusion..). Because I woke up at 11 am, I had aches and pains all over my back and neck and not to forget my poor (ouch!) shoulders~ Too much sleep is not a good thing ~God knows how i sleep~

I blame it on my 38-ing (sam pat= major gossiping) with some of my dearest friends last night. My God~ it was the best time I’ve had 38-ing in ages!!!! We were cracking each other up with our insightful *ahem* observations on the latest news and fodder. To the point tht I was really laughing out loud when I typed 'LOL'! Lol~ (okie this one is fake)

I love a good sam pat-ing session~ it relieves all the built up tension inside. Of course I’ve learnt now not to 38 with just anybody~ cos some ppl just don't like it (okie i respect that and I respect them), some ppl like it but don't want to admit it (lets call them specimen 2), and some people are natural born 38-ers.

I cannot stand specimen no.2.

Behold the conversations below:


Fake 38-er (F38): Hey Caroline~ How are you? Any gossip ah?

Me: Hi! No la no gossip, very dry la this season..

F38: Is it? I tot tht Miss A and Miss B fighting? U dunno ha?

Me: Oh tht one ka? Old news la...

F38: Ha? Really ha..? I only heard from a friend recently~ I don't really noe the details ler. Tell me la!

Me: Ha ha. Okie actually this is what happened ......... bla bla.............. and she........... bla bla bla...(bla bla bla continues for 3 minutes cos i'm long-winded)

F38: Huh? Wah~ really ah? I didn't know all these details. Wa lao~ How come you all know all these wan?

Me: People tell me ma. So I listen and observe lor

F38: Wah .. I don't like to talk about other people wan lor.

Me: -_-

F38: I really take my hat off to you all la. Know so many things about other people. I won’t wan lor.. I’m the kind of person that won’t gossip.

Me: …………………. (What is she saying? Somebody pls slap me)

Scene 2:

F38: Hi Sally*! I have to tell you something. I can’t stand it anymore I must tell someone.

Sally: Whats the problem?

F38: Okie I tell you but pls don’t tell Caroline ha. She likes to spread rumours~

Scene 3:

Sally: Guess what I heard?

Me: What?

Sally: I tell you but pls don’t say that I said this cos she asked me not to tell you.

Me: She WAT??

(*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals)

Groan~ It doesn’t pay to have a reputation of gossip queen. I mean I don’t mind it,but when people come and hound you for gossip then tell others not to repeat things to you.. groan.. It hurts. I only tell things to people I’m a friend with and whom I can trust ~ ~ so this prude and very FAKE behaviour just puts me down. Argh~

I have since been more careful in whom I choose to 38 with. It’s scary when the very people you trust and sometimes respect aren’t really that trustworthy after all.

I’m just glad I truly have a group of friends (and one bf) that I can trust to the max~ Thanks you guys. You are all just priceless~

Well, on a happier note, I just completed my medical check up today. It took a total of an hour (from the minute I stepped into the Klinik Kesihatan) to complete the medical check up. And it’s quite fast I must say.

What I hated was that the Dr. spent 2 minutes on me and the 58 minutes were spent waiting, registering, taking number~ My medical check-up went something like this:

Nurse: Ok it’s your turn now. Please come in and sit over there.(smiles)

Me: (Wah, so lucky got young friendly nurse.. pretty too but thts beside the point)

I entered the room and sat on two chairs facing the door. These were for patients waiting for their turn at consultation.

Nurse: Ok let me see.. ok you have this and this.. okie (took out the necessary forms)

Meanwhile another patient had just begun consultation with the doctor. The doctor acknowledges the patient by taking her x-ray and her lab results. The doctor looks at it. The doctor looks at the patient and shakes her head. The doctor starts writing a prescription. (I feel like I’m watching a silent movie)

Nurse: Ok pls go and collect your medication at the pharmacy. (Then looks at me)
Your turn.

And true to form the almost silent movie continues.

Doctor: (Takes forms) Pegawai Perubatan U41 ah? (In a mock Chinese accented voice-she’s an Indian lady by the way)

Me: Yes

Doctor: Where are you posted?

Me: I’m still waiting for my posting. I applied for..

Doctor: Not posted yet already do medical check up?

Me: Yeah we’re supposed to complete it before we report for duty.

Doctor: (ignores me and takes my blood pressure. Proceed to write down normal value of 120/70~ wa lao~ all my friends know my BP is usually around 100/60)

Me: (really mer? Never mind la)

Doctor: (Filling up the form in autopilot)

Me: (???)

Nurse: All right thank you. Please wait outside. All the best to you doctor.(Smiles)

If not for the friendly Indian nurse I would have burst~

At least Lavanya’s doctor was friendly and so was Ken Ang’s. Hai~ sien diao but at least now I’m all ready to report for duty.

That’s right folks of c2/04! The latest news is that we’ll all be working by the 1st of June. So expect your letters to come around next week.

A new chapter of life awaiting to begin~


Jinsterz said...

(and a bf) sounds so ... much like an afterthought


anyways, update me on who's the bitch who said all that


saltvinegar said...

I don't want people to gag when they read my blog so i have to put u in discreetly.

clever eh?

Definitely not an afterthought


sckhsmc2007 said...

Hehehe... sigh... sometimes gossipping hurts a lot of ppl =P Takes a long while to shed the habit of talking behind ppl's backs... I've learned it the hard way n still learning it, and for that, I just wanna talk good about others... coz that's the just way, and it hurt nobody =)

Jinsterz said...

no no chiam
sometimes when one has much much pent up anger against somebody

must just taruh the fella..wah lau..u keep it inside, you ki siao


gossip wisely

saltvinegar said...


I will remember that oh wise sage~

sckhsmc2007 said...

Wahahahaha! Jin Hui mia suggestion paling baik mia! Konfem! Hahaha... Oh Master Sage! =P


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