Monday, 14 May 2007

Langkawi Day 1

Finally decided to post this after procrastinating for a while .. cos i'm so LAZY~ i dun feel like doing anything anymore .. everyday is a day to rest~ argh~ but its essential that i blog this so that i'll remember what i've done in Langkawi. So here goes the arduous task of blogging about the trip One month later~ ooer~ Here goes.

Day 1 -Plane tickets and accomodation had been booked weeks in advance thereby ensuring that we got a good price as well as certainty that we would have somewhere to sleep throughout the 4 days 3 nights there.

Yup yup so bright and early went to the LCCT at 8am~ groan~ and guess who we saw there? Malaysian Idol champion Jaclyn Victor. Argh.. i keep bumping into Malaysian celebrities, sportspersons, reality show contestants etc etc. but i never have the courage to go up to them and get a photo. Ok the excuse i've had all this while was that i didn't bring my camera along when i saw them, but this time we had a camera ready and fully charged. And it didn't help that Jac kept enticing me by walking past me a grand total of 5 times~ argh~ cannot tahan man. But i didn't do it~ argh ~ cos she was with her ang moh bf and i didn't want to bother the happy couple who was obviously going on a holiday cos Jac was in a sundress that would look pretty at home on the beach.

Hai~ i'll be braver next time i guess. Must 'tebal muka' a bit. The biggest celebrity OMG moment was in Midvalley where i saw Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo (they were attired in Nike everything). Walao~ really a big fan but alas no camera~ no camera phone~

Anyways i digress~ The plane came on time and even arrived a few minutes earlier at Langkawi airport.

View from the window seat~

Woots~ destination in sight

So the first thing that we saw when we arrived at the Langkawi airport terminal was a booth giving away free pamphlets and maps~ and the map was pretty shitty but we were still able to get around with a fair bit of guesswork. The next thing we saw was car rental booths in the airport it self~ So we got ourselves a nice little auto Wira for rm60 a day.

Then i started camwhoring~

Since we reached at about 11am ~the flight took an hour~ we had to amuse ourselves till the check in time of 3pm. So we grabbed a quick bite at a Malay stall in Pantai Chenang (the happening beach) located our hotel, then drove all the way to~ Makam Mahsuri~ haha i know what u're thinking, but i don't care cos i'm a sucker for history and legends and museums and stuff.

Cool three huh? I knew it was a cotton three straight away even though i've never seen one before. haha sorry no pictures of the grave cos i dun think it's respectful to put up a picture of someones resting place~ not that anyone wants to see it anyway~

Nice mural of what life would be like during Mahsuri's time.

Haha alas didn't do much there(some kampung houses, Mahsuri museum and enchanted well) but it was culturally enriching.

So 3 o'clock and we were ready to check in to our hotel. The Awana Porto Malai.

The bed was huge and the mattress was nice and firm the way i like it. The room was spacious with a nice bathroom, good TV reception, nice little balcony~ pretty good actually for a good price too.

Well, after unpacking we went to drive around and explore the island a bit and ended up at Helang Park, Lagenda Park, and another park which i forgot the name. Haha they were all connected to each other so we decided to take a stroll.

The eagle at Helang park. There's a shopping mall located right next to it.

Still in Helang park

Lagenda park where all the myths and legends of Langkawi are translated into giant statues. This is one of a phoenix fighting a garuda.

I was pooped out walking those 2 parks. The parks are huge~

Haha~ but the highlight for me was spotting a horn bill flying past a couple of times. Woot~ i love that animals are able to roam free ~

Okie gtg cook~ i'll continue on the rest of the trip later~


Jinsterz said...

its chogm park
and we didnt walk there


and not nike, it was LV

saltvinegar said...

oh okie i missed out CHOGM park~

Yaya thts wat i said i was pooped walking TWO (2) parks~ pls read carefully before u comment :p

And the both of them were dressed in NIke. Only Chong Wei was using an LV bag and wallet

I noe what i'm saying okie? Wa lao~ so clever to correct ppl~

saltvinegar said...

cannot tahan~

wAyteRn said...

Wa, both of you still talk in blog? Not enough meh? Hehe! Nice pics! Caroline, should have just approached Jac and say a HI! and take a photo, is a celeb's job to pose anyway! Haha! Continue blogging!

Jinsterz said...

i clever ma

saltvinegar said...

Way Tern! Wa lao so long never hear of u liao~ guess wat we got Ipoh damn sienzzz~~

Anyway can i post a pic of u on my blog?

No reply means 'yes'.

sckhsmc2007 said...

No reply means no choi hahaha... pooped pooped! Hehehe...

saltvinegar said...

No choi means wat??

Ha ha no choice??

okie ha i'm going to post the picture soon.

waytern said...

Post la. I wanna see what photo of mine do u have. Both got Ipoh and u say "SIEN" ?!! Or u got other intentions, heik hiek hiek...naughty naughty gal!

saltvinegar said...

Wa lao~ i post already then suddenly hilang~ poof~ i tot u removed it or something!! Ha ha too cute already somebody steal??

I wrote 'sien' cos soo far from home la~

What u thinking?


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