Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Not my day

Today, so far has proven to be a bit of a 'not so good day. I'm someone who whines and complains then forget about it after i have complained enough. I find that if i don't release it to someone, or somewhere (ie this blog) it gets me really down. So since my one and only 'dumping buddy' whom i can tell almost anything to, no matter how silly or embarrassing had gone back to Ipoh to continue part 2 of her postgrad term,I have no choice but to express my whines here.

Look away if you can't stand whiny people.

I should have read the signs.
As i was walking to work/school (i do nothing but study), my shoe broke. Stupid RM15 shoe. Okay it broke earlier as in it had a crack in it 2 weeks after wearing it. But today the crack basically became a big hole. As i was halfway there, i decided to just continue walking since it was still walkable.

Felt sleepy.

Unable to answer a basic chemical pathology question asked by my friend. And i have just completed the posting a month ago. Feel moderately depressed and scared. I actually need to study seriously now. Sigh.

Left to go home.It's raining.

Opened my umbrella. Walked to shop.

Realized i only had RM6 in my purse. Forgot to refill working purse.

Bought a knife for RM5.90. Wanted to but a roll or bread. Took it anyway.

Scrambled through purse to find an extra dollar.

Found an RM10 note *sweat for nothing*

Actually had RM16 in my purse.

Bought the RM1 roll.

Left shop.

Wind overturned my NT100 umbrella. And rendered it deformed.

Continued to walk home.

Faulty shoe with hole decided to provide more problems.

Metal plate at bottom of shoe folded in half, thus forcing me to walk as if i have a heel at my sole.

Walked like i had one short leg. Feel bad for people who actually do have the condition.

Self conscious that people are looking at me.

Still thinking of what to eat for dinner.

Most likely cooking for one.

The end.

Moral of story:
1: Time to buy new shoes..
2: Ditto for umbrella
3: Have to force myself to do questions/study/ develop long term memory for things that are actually important.

I feel infinitely better after whining!Thanks whoever you are!


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

awh~ that was so pity.. i understand how you feel.. cause I've been through it before... except for the studying part.. lolx~ not really a good experience... but I've learnt something from that experience..

Learnt to check my purse every night..
Learnt to get a quality shoes and umbrella that would last long..

lolx~ this is what i'm practicing until today.. nothing bad happen again ever since that last experience..

Joey said...

Awww there, there. It's just one of Those days, isn't it? Hope you had a evening to end the day, though. Good news is that you get to buy new shoes! :D

Btw, read your Versace for H&M post and you mentioned about hoping to see how Asians will rock the collection. Here's a brilliant post (and blog) you might find interesting :)

Wileen said...

shit happens to the best of us :) cheer up babe! hope today will be better for u!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks girls~ seriously i feel better already :) It's always nice to know i'm not alone

Yumeko said...

hugs u poor thing
hope tomorrow is going to be a better day xxo

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Yumeko *big smile*.Despite being partially drenched by the monsoon rain in the evening, i feel all warm and fuzzy reading all these messages.

Maye said...

Seems like a really bad day!
(I forgot my wallet yesterday as well. ^^;;)
Hopefully tomorrow will be better. :)
::sends good vibes::

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha thnks Maye! Hey i sent you the pages u wanted yesterday :) Hope it reaches you soon :)

Maye said...

Really? Will wait for them!

And this is a cheery season, so cheer op and good things will come on your way!

Sherlyn said...

i have bad shoe day while i studied at college last time, lucky i am near home, i actually bare foot walk back to home due to the shoe string broke already. Since then i prefer to buy cover flat shoe now and less sandal shoe


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