Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy Tang Yuan Festival

I made Tang Yuan from scratch *woots* but not without many messy attempts.I went to an Indian conveneince shop and asked for rice flour and they gave me glutinous rice flour or Tepung Pulut instead of normal rice flour and that was exactly what i needed.

But what screwed up my Tang Yuan was the red coloring. I must have put in too much cos it left a yucky bitter aftertaste.Last years Tang Yuan's were more pleasing on the eye so let me just leave you with last years picture.

Yums i even wrote a cheat recipe here.

All i can say from this years atttempt is-
1) You can do without colouring.. or very little if you really need it.
2) If you want clear syrup then you better not be lazy and prepare the syrup separately.
3) Stupid colouring can bleed into said Tang Yuan syrup.

Oh well, it's the thought that counts yeah?

Happy Winter Solstice Festival Everyone!

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