Thursday, 2 December 2010

January issues of Japanese Magazines

I have to take it back now. There are many mags with calenders in their upcoming January issues! And though i'm sort of over the Japanese Magazine freebie craze phase, i am still exteremely interested in at least one item in this list.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs shopper bag.. ooh cute! But basically you are buying a bag that looks like a very expensive paper bag.Sweet.. (no pun intended). Dimensions 28cm x 37.5 x 14cm.

Cutie comes with a Hbg neon print tote bag. Dimensions are 20 x 32.5 x 14 cm.

In red comes with a Muveil leopard print tote and the bigger draw (to me) Laura Ashley floral calender.

Similar to last year Steady comes with a Rilakkuma calender but instead of a Samantha Tiara case, it comes instead with a very blah Natural Beauty Basic tote bag. Definitely a pass for this one.

Mini comes with a leopard print (this fad really does not seem to wear out) purse.

And last but not least With comes with a Coach Calender and Miffy handkerchief.

Possible Christmas presents perhaps?

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