Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Watson's Rilakkuma Promotion

I want this! The Watson's Christmas promotion with Rilakkuma merchandise is a big hit!It runs from 18th November to 2nd January next year but already stock is running low!

As stated on the poster, as long as you purchase RM10 and above at Watson's you get to purchase a gift item at RM9.90. Of course the claim is that the normal price is RM19.90 but we all know that the cost price is probably less than RM5.

Nevertheless, i want it!Specifically i want the fleece blanket!

I was in Ipoh over the weekend and i possibly went to the only TWO Watson's in Ipoh and in both outlets the fleece blanket were sold out! They told me new stock will be coming in maybe next week. Ha ha anyway I'll probably be purchasing this in KL or Jb or Singapore (same promotion but slightly more expensive at S$4.90).It's 115x70 cm and comes in two pretty designs.

Can anyone tell me if the quality is any good?

Read this blog that the vacuum mugs were a big mistake.

But i think it's meant for cold drinks and not hot drinks. She probably did not read the instructions properly though. It's plastic for goodness sake.

I love cheap thrills!


m3niibab3 said...

Looks like you're very interested to the Watson's Rilakkuma promotion.
I've got the fleece blanket, it's so adorable and kinda comfy, the material looks like baby's blanket...
The mugs, is definitely for cold drinks only. Quality, is just ok.
By the way, do you mind if i link you at my blog? Love your blog^^

saltvinegar said...

Yup bought the fleece blankets! i wish it were bigger though.. sure you can no problem. Glad to find a fellow watson's freak!

David said...

got the plush toy for someone special.. she loved it. Guessing it's a 10" or something for 55 bucks. It's worth it as long as she's happy. ;)

saltvinegar said...

aww.. she's a lucky girl


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