Friday, 12 November 2010

Yet another Daiso haul

It's addictive i tell you. Every time i see the shop i have to go in. And when i go in, i have to buy stuff. And thus, here are my buys..

Bonito flakes, caramel corn (had to see what all the fuss was about.. not bad.. sweet corn snack.. very crunchy), eye lash curler, eye lashes, hair curler, wasabi and nail art jewels.

Close up of the nail art jewels.

I'm so loving half lashes, cos it looks more natural, as natural as fake lashes can look anyway.

Cute aluminum foil (these Japanese think of everything) , blusher and eye shadow.

I usually do not buy cosmetic from Daiso but i was desperate (going for a wedding but forgot to pack blusher and eye shadow), so i just grabbed what i could get.

The blusher was a nice shade but the brush was a wee bit rough. Ingredient include talc and methylparaben, so many not appeal to many.

The gradient eye shadow was avtually a refill with explains the lack of a proper cover. I'm still keeping it in the paper packaging.The colour is not pigmented enough and hardly shows.

Product description.

I must resist..


Pammy said...

I had that pink blush before and it's a pretty one. :P

Wei Wei said...

yea... Daiso is really addictive! =D


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