Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Upcoming Japanese magazines

December issues to look forward to:

Steady December issue with Agnes B tote and bag hanger .Agnes B is really dishing out loads of freebie these days. The tote looks only big enough to carry a bento box.

Those who are fans of Kitson will love this!Leopard print Kitson with matching pouch with Sweet December issue.Watch video here.

Mini comes with a blah looking pouch. Dunno why i put the pic up in the first place. Next!

In red comes with a Lancel x Brigitte Bardot  pouch.

Just so you know, Brigitte Bardot was the original Hollywood sex kitten. And these pictures will tell you why.

She looked like a sexier and prettier version of Claudia Schiffer.

She was born in France but quickly became one of the few European actresses to capture the American audiences hearts.

Her life though was plagued by depression and divorces and she retired at an early age of 39.

She is now an animal rights activist and is very vocal about her political views besides being very passionate about animal rights.

Sadly all the smoking and drinking during her early years took a toll on her now haggard face.

Still it's nice to know that she has a bag collaboration out now with Lancel. So i guess she is a reminder that beauty will only last you that long.

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