Monday, 8 November 2010

Ocean Monkeys day 3,4,5

Day 3 - so many sea monkeys swimming around erratically. I am blissful just watching them.Tries to pump oxygen into tank using syringe. Survives busy on-call.

Day 4- Fed them designated food. Very minimal amount.Notice not many ocean monkeys swimming around. Hmm.. Continues on-call.

Day 5- Stares at the tank and see less than 10 ocean monkeys swimming around.What happened!?? I noticed there were many air bubbles after putting in the conditioning powder.However as the days go buy the air bubbles decrease and this is proportionate to the amount of pets i have in my tank. Gotta find a way to provide them oxygen.Ugh..


AnnaYJia said...

what do they eat huh ? LOL...
can capture them from camera now ?

saltvinegar said...

the food packet given smells suspiciously like 'he bi' (prawn flakes?). i tried to snap a pic but they are damn small la..
further morei think they're all dead already.. sien. my poor ocean monkeys..

Anonymous said...

Did u give them sunlight.They need sunlight for a few days 10 minutes in a week.

saltvinegar said...

Yup, i put them in my room. And in sunny Malaysia light is always streaming through, but through the curtains that is.


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