Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Random photos

OK still too depressed to blog properly so just gonna post some random pictures from my phone.

This is a plant with flowers that looks like a tiny birds facing each other.. cute!

Rainbow from the plane.. can you see it ? can you see it?

One of my daiso loves! MIso soup paste in a variety of flavours and i tell you the ones with clams on the packaging are the best miso ever! Even better than the plain old ones they serve in sushi joints.

Crepe place in The curve. The simulated crepes look so much better than the real thing.The real thing looks like shit and only tastes so-so.. waste my money.

My favourite breakfast in the whole world! These are the best nasi goreng and mee kasar ever andi insist on having it everyday when i'm back in JB.

Lovely kain batik my pal helped me buy from Indonesia. Much loves.

We recently went to Singapore and i decided to only use my Hipstamatic app on my i-phone to capture something different for the mini holiday.

My young looking hubby. Can't seem to stay angry at him for long.He is anyway younger than me but somehow seems to be wiser.. hmm..

And this is me!

And this is me .. with Takeshi Kaneshiro.. i know i know looks so noob. but i love the man.

So we were at this Spanish restaurant in Vivocity.

And ate asparagus wrapped with bacon..

Foie gras , potatoes and a fish which by then i had lost the attention to take picture of.

And we saw some afro dudes..

.. doing some nifty moves to plug a store..

Canmake creamcheek is really good but do make sure you buy a darker shade of pink cos i made the mistake of buying a lighter shade of pink (after i had bought a dark pink for my mom) and it makes me look weird.Like i have patches of discolouration on my cheek.

Newly bought sunflower plant which explains the blooms.

Another flower/orchid? in my house.

That's all for random post today.

Sushi post coming up next.


Pammy said...

I see the rainbow! :P

I love the first and the last shot. :)

bride2wife said...

helloooo...I enjoy this random post ok!! ;)

saltvinegar said...

Thank u thank u!


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