Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rejected wedding pics

Yeah I've finally gotten the CD woots woots and being a completely decisive person i have no problem cutting down the 195 photos i have to 83 in a single sitting by myself. JH would rather i do it anyway and seriously i can pick out so many flaws on this face of mine so it was pretty easy. Did not do it with a friend- the only friends i have here are my colleagues- cos i'm so easily influenced sometimes.I'm getting it done fast cos i want my album out in time since my photos took so long.Oh yeah after bugging them for my pics for quite some time- it all boiled down to speaking to the right person. I spoke to the boss and wa la within 10 minutes he called me back to tell me my pics are ready for collection! Yeah! And even though i am rather finicky i found myself pleased with most of the photos. So yes the wait was sort of worth it.

Here i present to you the ok rejected pictures.

Look too scheming.


 Not happy enough-both!


Chubby face~

Fake smile.

Been done too many times.Bordering on corny.

Again looking scheming- like the cat who got the cream.

Just a chance for me to post up this natural group shot.

We look too small.

Lost in the woods.

People in the background.


~niCoLe~ said...

yeay! finally got yours! so this are your rejected ones? no sneak peak on the approved ones? =)

shin chee said...

i'm actually like the 'chubby face' pic, the feel is right... but yea the face did look chubby... like the 'lost in woods' pic also... the photo with u leaning forward n JH sitting on the sofa holding the bouquet... ur arms are just so lengthy n slim! i like dat one as well, haha... guess it's kinda hard for u to select those photos, hehe... :p

saltvinegar said...

Wah Shin Chee.. you're making me 'dong xin' now i dunno which one to choose. Aiyo pls come here and help me see all my pictures.Ha ha i also like the feel of the chubby face pic but wat to do the face so chubby then my face look so flat also. Ya ya u like my slim arms but my face like very er.. scheming!

but now i'm rethinking bout lost in the woods. You ar!

Nicole- Sure there will be more to come! But i wanna see yours too!

~niCoLe~ said...

coming ~ coming ~ =)
so, when ur meeting them for the final selection?

saltvinegar said...

Nicole- i think probably tues.. you noe wat? I'm so paranoid i'm trying to match the pictures and fit them on a page myself.. when are u going?

~niCoLe~ said...

went on Sunday. no need to match. just choose a few from the same batch. tell them what you have in mind, then they will do the rest =)
i posted some of mine that didn't made it to the final cut in my blog. feel free to have a peek =)


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