Thursday, 28 January 2010

Life Transformers 2

It's no secret i'm a big fan of all things Singaporean. It never used to be that way. Living in JB Singapore TV and mags were a part of everyday life. Back then Taiwanese shows were all the rage.But since leaving JB, i realized everywhere in Malaysia is not the same. No Singapore TV,radio, mags. Not everyone converses in Mandarin and even if they did there's a weird Malaysian accent. Sorry I'm not saying JB-ians speak better Mandarin or Singaporeans for that matter, it's just that I'm so used to it already. But on the other hand i don't thing i can ever stay in Singapore either. The fast-paced way of living just seems so foreign now that I'm enjoying kampung life in Slim River.

But of course i try to keep abreast of my favourite and latest TV shows via my mom, 8 days and of course Youtube. I would subscribe to Mobtv but it's not compatible with my computer.

So i'd like to share one of the more thought provoking shows yet, Life transformers 2. The gist is the presenters Chris Lee and Quan Yi Fong goes ans visits dilapidated flats in Singapore and together with volunteers try to change their lifes for the better by getting down and dirty cleaning their downright filthy houses and finding them a job/ social help etc.

The difference with this show is that a lot of it is do-able. No extreme makeovers, just simple cleaning and giving furniture that are donated by other kind souls.

Every time i watch an episode, i feel like cleaning my own house. Do take a look.(Click on the video  title if you want to watch it on youtube- may be faster)

So what do you think?


Daniel said...

Singaporeans tell me I talk with a weird Malaysian accent! Strange bcos all the Mandarin I've even learnt came from Channel 8!!

saltvinegar said...

Really? After i started studying in KL XiuHui said i started speaking in Malaysian accented Mandarin! No!!

Maybe you picked it up from MMU?


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