Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Lei Cha

I've suddenly been eating a lot of 'Lei Cha' a traditional Hakka dish which translates to pounded tea. This dish was not typically popular in JB in my childhood and i only got to know of this dish when my friend Yee Yin 'ta pau-ed' it all the way from Ipoh for us to try back in my 2nd year of med school. What struck me most about this dish was how hopelessly healthy it was. Green tea broth with mint pounded in for good measure poured over rice topped with 8 types of ingredients (mostly vegetable) ranging from blanched long beans, preserved radish (cye poh) , cabbages,beans, diced tofu, toasted peanuts, and various other unidentified green vegetables.

It was nice but different. Certainly i though this dish was only popular in Ipoh as i could not phantom anyone my age willingly forking out money to buy a plate of vegetables.In Ipoh i ate it whenever i saw anyone selling it.Then i left Ipoh to work elsewhere. So that was the last of my lei cha eating days..or so i thought.

Going back to JB i found a hawker centre on the first floor of Holiday Plaza selling the stuff. Must be a fluke i thought. Then going back to Subang with JH , we stopped at the newly opened food court in Taipan! I jokingly said i wanted to eat lei cha, which was met with him rolling his eyes.

But waddaya know, at the far corner of the food court i found this!

The holy gruel for anyone going on a detox plan. But i am in no means dieting. I just love eating anything healthy. I hate feeling full and eating fast food makes me feel how oily and clogged up my vessels must be. I hate too much flavour in my food and love it when the natural flavour of food is not masked by ajinomoto.

And this meets my needs exactly. The best thing about this besides the obvious health benefits, is that it is make up of a cacophony of different textures. The crunch of nuts, long beans and cye poh, plus the softness of the rice and tofu is met by minty bitter green tea broth.

It is light yet is enough to quell my hunger.

It is no wonder "lei cha" is making a comeback in a big way thanks perhaps to the increase of health conscious people everywhere.

Yum yum if you haven't tried it, go have a lei cha today.


Stephen Fox said...

Dear Salt and Vinegar: Howdy! I am delighted that you speak so excellently about MSG and Ajinomoto, and not saying things like "add in a pinch of Ajinomoto," Everything Ajinonomoto makes is a neurotoxic or carcinogenic poison, like Aspartame and MSG. This is one of the biggest corporate killers on the planet! How would you like to help get it banned in Malaysia? It might be as simple as writing a letter to the Health Minister and to the Head of State, backed up with about 20 pages of testimony by physicians, all of which I have and would happy to send to you!

Besides you of course, if there are any readers out there with open minds, please read this article:


Here is another excellent one explaining how it got approval:

Aspartame - Rumsfeld's Bioweapon Legacy

Best wishes from Stephen Fox
Founder, New Millennium Fine Art
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

Please respond directly to my email:

shin chee said...

erm... the above comment is rather... weird...

anyway, glad u like 'lei cha' as well! cos it was like a weekly or monthly must-eat-food for me as well! my dad always buy it from Bercham and sometimes my mum will cook herself, so dat i can add plentiful of vegetables in my big bowl of healthy 'lei cha'... hehe... shld try cook it urself if u got the time!

saltvinegar said...

yeah lor.. dunno why talk about lei cha but the comment is about ajinomoto in detail!

How to cook? You teach me la!So yummy and healthy!!


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