Friday, 1 January 2010

City Square JB

Happy New Year people! But i can't help but think Christmas was way more fun! I counted down the new year alone in front of the TV watching..God i can't even remember.. cos JH was on-call. Not going back to JB this time cos i just went back Christmas ..and how fun it was!

Spent Christmas at the best (In my humble opinion) shopping centre in JB.. City Square! For the simple reason that it is not like any of your run-of-the-mill shopping centres. It's one of a kind and there are so many varieties of individual shops! No major departmental store of giant supermarket though but lots of things to buy for very cheap and not so cheap.

So made Dan drive us to City Square (CS). And what i lovely sight it is to have 933 on the radio! Stupid Mediacorp just had to stop free internet streaming. How does one overcome 933 deprivation?

Reached at lunch time and had lunch (priority) at Vivo's pizza. Where we had an excellent view of the Christmas performances!

Pretty young things dancing to 'Nobody' by the Wonder girls.

Not that many people watching initially.

Could have gone right up to the stage and snap snap~

Which is what i did~ they did sing some lovely Mandarin songs~

Reveal: Daniel and his sweet gf Chau Pei!

The crowd was rather small during the singing performances.

But when it came to the dancing competition the crows swelled!!And there were people cheering and wtf screaming! -_-

And there was this uncle who was damn semangat and flashing victory signs to the competitors!Wahaha rock on~

Too many people plus tired from all the shopping we decided to leave at around 5pm. And guess who i met!! Tuti (Shukrizah) who now works in KL but came down to Jb for the hols! We never ever meet in KL but meet in JB pulak where we come once a month for hols?!! Wahaha~ I can never say this enough but it truly is such a small world.

And she now has a 1 year old kid!

In the car park also can cam whore...

I hada short break in Jb but still managed to meet up with another SETA friend! Siaw Yen!Who is now practically my neighbour! She lives just a few roads away in her marital home.

She used to always come to my place for tuition and now she is gonna be staying near my place at her husbands place once she gets married! And she works in a school very near by too.. and would you believe it her next door neighbour was my coursemate in IMU.

She really is fated to stay in Kolam Air.. haha while i am stranded in Slim River!

And she gave me cakes cos she's getting married soon! I thought the cakes were just for relatives but i took it anyway.. haha no complaining.. the cakes and tarts were great!

Had a lovely lovely Christmas! Can't wait for Chinese New Year!!


Jarien said...


wow .. wat a xmas~~
u actually saw shukrizah & siaw yen ...
hmm, shukrizah still looks d same .. my, 1 yr old kid already :P
hhm, siaw yen looks a little different, not much though, long hair as usual ..

saltvinegar said...

Happy new year to you too!
yeah love it.. my parents said Siaw Yen looks skinnier cos last time she was plump!!??

I never thought she was plump at all!Haha


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