Saturday, 16 January 2010

How my pre-wedding photoshoot went

Besides the initial scare of heavy make-up and sudden change of photographer, retrospectively i must say the photo shoot did go quite pleasantly.

Half an hour before the photo shoot we were told our chosen photographer Benny Koo could not make it as his wife had just delivered. Being in our profession we knew it is really quite unpredictable when a baby would pop out so we were quite understanding. We were given a choice of either changing to a new date or choose another photographer. As we had already taken so many days of leave, we decided to go for another photographer cos looking at all the pictures on the blogs of all the photographers, it was pretty difficult to see who was better as all their pictures were nice.There are four main photographers at Keep Gallery and all of them have a great portfolio.

So reached the Sunway branch at 10 am and i was greeted by Christy my make-up artist. She was really nice and bubbly and she gave me a kawaii look.But as expected the make-up was pretty thick but necessary for a photo shoot i guess.

My photographer was Eugene who was friendly as well. They also had a fresh out of SPM boy to take care of miscellaneous needs.

Jin Hui had to endure a bit of primping himself.. some light foundation, a bit of eyebrow trimming and some gel in the hair.Wa ha ha.. took less than 15 minutes.

He's not too happy bout it

Luckily the photographer had the foresight to anticipate rain and got us out of the studio and into the car for our first outdoor location.. an abandoned building in  Ampang.

Okie you must be thinking why this silly girls wants to take photos in some 'semak-samun' with abandoned building and mosquitoes galore. Well cos i really like abandoned antique looking buildings and jungle. So it was perfect for me! Plus me and JH are definitely too lazy to drive all the way to Malacca. I love the  beach too but obviously the lazy factor also prevented us from driving to Port Dickson.

The old abandoned building at  Ampang.

Looking at the pictures at the bridal shop, i always thought this place was in the middle of a secondary forest. Imagine my surprise when i realized that it was in the middle of town surrounded by loads of foreign embassies. Somehow among all those big houses lie an abandoned building and a 'mamak' shop in front of it. We were greeted by lots of weird stares and an old Indian uncle who did not allow us to shoot there. Damn him.. now he says. Apparently he used to be nice according to the bridal gallery crew. But somehow the photographer managed to persuade him and told him that it will only take a while.Not costing him any money at all right? Or was he perhaps subtly trying to extort money from us? Well too bad. Not going to pay you just to take pictures at an abandoned building. Sheesh.. why are people less and less tolerant of each other? And i'm not talking about my generation either cos this uncle is in his 50's.

I totally loved the place. There were butterflies and squirrels and all kinds of insects around. Plus it was nice and shaded too. The only problem was uneven terrain and slightly muddy ground.The MUA and boy (dunno his name) started smoking the place with Indian incense to drive the mozzies away. Luckily for us not many mosquitoes that day.

Being an old abandoned building there was some paint splashed onto it.. unsure why but made a good backdrop.This was my first look for the day. Love the dress, still cringing about my face (not used to heavy make-up) and depending who you are may or may not like my hair extensions.I'm guessing my mom will love it. She always wanted me to have long hair.

I'm supposed to look like a fairy lol :p


Love the frills on the dress.

Anyway Jh did not enjoy it at all cos it was not air-conditioned and he's really not a nature person.

So on to the next location which was Heritage Hotel right opposite the KTM station. All the hubbies are so kesian cos they have to chauffeur everyone around.

I had two dresses and 2 different hairdos over there. Had to fill in a form and pay RM50 to shot there. They even gave us a room which according to the photographer was lucky cos not everyone gets a room. The lobby was just next to the cafe. So as JH was settling the check in i sat at the cafe attracting lots of amused stares. It is mainly a hotel for foreigners. And as i was sitting there a big sized ang moh guy walked pass and looked at me. I looked up and saw that he was smiling at me. I knew it the next thing he said was 'can i take a picture'. Of course using simple plain English for fear i did not understand the language? But he was nice though. If i go to a foreign country i would want to take pictures of chance encounters with foreign brides with heavy make-up and over the top hair too.

And as we were waiting for the lift, he asked to take another picture. This time i asked him to send me the picture cos.. wth i wanna see how it turns out in full size. Mana tau it looks nice? And he gamely obliged. But i had to repeat my request 3 times, cos either my voice was too soft or he was half expecting me to demand money for the pictures like those Cambodian kids.

By this time we were really tired and hungry so after changing in the room we ate a bit of lunch and on to our work. The hotel is really rustic with those really old-school lifts.

The cafeteria..with Jh looking better not posing.

The room we got.Really simple room with all the basic necessities.

Once again i had a white gown and this time an up-do.There was another old white hair freaky looking ang moh guy who came and wolf whistled while we were shooting. We all just ignored him and pretended he was invisible. I think this must happen all the time so the crew hardly lifted an eyebrow.

I had to climb up and then lie down the whole time i was thinking which bone was going to break if i fell.

The next dress was a purple one but did not bother to take own pics. We saw another couple having a photo shoot there as well, Malay couple with their parents accompaniment!!Wa ha ha..

And finally we met a Malay uncle who followed us wherever we went. Sigh maybe he wants to be a photographer too?

And lastly we had a nice air-conditioned time in the indoor studio with my last outfit which was a really puffy fluffy white gown. I loved the hair for the last shoot the best ,a simple up bun! Loves.. Eugene and Cristal and boy were nice and made it a fun day for us. They even arranged to have photos taken with us as  a parting shot. Cool..

I'll just have to wait and see if the photos turn out well. Just as long as my pictures look like me, I'm happy.


~niCoLe~ said...

Hey! What a coincident. My photographer was Eugene too! But I chose him coz I liked his style. Good for you that you managed to shoot at Ampang. I liked it there too. According to Eugene, that place will be converted into a car park. So, I didn't get a chance. But I still got to go to Petaling Street. It was a crazy experience =)

saltvinegar said...

Wow.. such a coincidence.. when did u do the shoot? I just did it on the 12th!Yeah they said it will soon be converted into a carpark.. then they said maybe a restaurant.. but got scolded by Indian uncle half way through because of the incense.. ha ha u've done your shoot? Post it up when its done!But i guess maybe Eugene will post it up on FB

~niCoLe~ said...

i did it on 15th at Petaling Street. It was really crazy with all the people around. Hahaha

saltvinegar said...

Imagine that! Only 3 days apart.. haha and i found your blog by googling! Ha ha glad to have met a fellow KG bride here. Can't imagine how u endured all those stares on Petaling Street though..

Jarien said...

hey, d last photo is looks great!

saltvinegar said...

he he wonder wat it will look like in the photographers camera

Siva said...

May i know which part of Jln Ampang is this? I guess it must be off Jln Ampang


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