Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Keep Gallery photoshoot

So far I've only seen 20 of my pre-wedding photos and really the photography is great considering the awkward face shape, small stick thin physique and lazy eyes that i have.I'm supposed to go to Keep gallery to choose the rest of my photos around 10 days after my shoot. Of course we will need to call and confirm if they don't call us first. But really i have no time to go to KL these coming weekends cos i'm on-call the rest of the weekends till CNY. May need to go on a weekday. No rush though~I'd rather they take their time and make the pictures flawless.

Here are some of the photos that are ready. I've numbered them so please tell me which one is nice to be included into the album.Please also do not hesitate to tell me which photo should not be in the album for whatever reason you deem fit (ie: chin too pointy, too dark, too fat, too skinny etc.) Arigato gozaimasu.

# A

# B

# C



# F

# G

# H

# I

# J


# K

# L

# M

# N


# P

Thanks for all your work guys!

Disclaimer: All photos have been  re sized and may compromise picture quality (a bit blurry). Original pictures are much sharper.

Updated: More pics added. Click on the tags or just click here.


~niCoLe~ said...

I vote for K, L, N, O, P, F, D & B.
Both of you look great!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks for offering your suggestions!I know many people won't even bother~ He he i'll show you the rest when i've got them.

Eunice said...

Your photos are really nice :)

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Eunice! Love your blog..

YT said...

B G and P :)

But the rest are as interesting! Well, u will have a tough decision to make.

Wonder how much it cost? From gowns to printing?

Anonymous said...

hi gal... sook may here..
all the pics looked great...you dont have to be bother of wat ppl said about ur chosen pics..as long as u like it... the album is with u all the time.. for outsider.. they just c for a while..so..just choose wat ever u like...:)

Anonymous said...

You look pretty in the pictures!
Both of you look really great~!

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha thanks Sook May!!Ha ha problem is i really dunno which one to choose. Some i like but some all ok to me so i need opinions haha.. unoe la my taste sometimes a bit skewed ha ha.

Who is anonymous? Thanks anyway!

YT: Yeah i love P too..but i think ur the only person who told me G is nice! Thanks for ur opinion. Nice blog btw.

saltvinegar said...

YT: Oops forgot to tell u that the package is RM 3599!

Jarien said...

omg .. so many of them are so nice ..
guess u'll need to take ur time to scan tru which one u loved the most ..
but i think #D is a must :P
u looked really gorgeous in that photo!!

saltvinegar said...

#D hor.. you got feel i look old and menonjolkan my square face or not? Actually not sure on #D yet ler.. but i love the leafy frame and it's my only close up so far..

Anonymous said...

Hi, I liked J the most! But Not A and B, the background looked either too fake (i know it is real) or too messy


saltvinegar said...

Thanks Johnson! Wow u like J? Cos J for Johnson? haha i shall strictly analyze A and B.. Thanks for your discerning eye!

Anonymous said...

haha Yes J for JOHNSON hehe.... Anyway in A i can see a bathtub thingy behind you.... Not very chun for a wedding pix larrrr....


YT said...

G is nice cos the whole setting is awesome. Looks like some timepiece commercial :)

And I love the idea of the clock there, it somehow spelled : Our love is timeless... aww.

Looks very classic.

The package includes everything?

saltvinegar said...

Johnson! Ur sharp.. yeah i dunno why there were so many bath tubs on the roof? of the hotel.. we should have gotten into it instead ka ka.. haha forgot u were in Kelab Fotografi!

YT: Are u getting married soon?Or do u plan to open a bridal house? The package includes a 12x18 20 page album a 8x12 album, 2 photo frames, one big frame to hang in the bridal room, 80 pieces of pics to distribute, a cdr of all pics, 1 DVD. Tell me if you want to know details of the package. More than happy to help.

~TaRyN~ said...

hi babe! ur photoshoot turn out great too!!
bravo to eugene.. of coz both of u n hubby look gorgeous too!!
all picts r nice!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Taryn!I'm glad i chose Keep Gallery like you.. do you noe your pics are used in a few of their photobooks for ppl to see? Ha ha.. nice

saltvinegar said...

Hi May.. did you comment on the wrong post? Anyway thanks and of course i'll share with u the details. Just send me ur e-mail add and i'll share with u the package details.

Anonymous said...

I prefer A,B,C,J,O & P.Not sure about other as different ppl have different preference.But you looks beautiful.Tumbs up!
From Groovy,MB member

Cheddarina said...

I love J, K & P. Shirley did the makeup for me. Her makeup skill is very good too.....

saltvinegar said...

Thanks cheddarina! I love K and P too!Shirley is my salesperson.. she has too jobs? But she has not called me to go see my pics ler!

Thanks Groovy! Nice seeing your comment here too!

Doreen said...

Hi girl,

I'm considering to take up pre-wedding photoshooting at Keep Gallery. When I google search for their review, happened to see your blog. So please pardon me for "peeping" :p

Would you please kindly share the pricing and item included for your package? If you think it's allrite to share then please email me doreenglc@hotmail.com

I'm really appreciate for your helps, cos I'm from Jb, dun wish to travel all the way to KL if their package is not worthy..

Btw, I think these photos are very pretty!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Doreen! I've sent the package to your e-mail. Hope it helps!BTW peep away! Ha ha good luck!

ahgirl said...

very nice!!!!!!!! very very sweet!!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks ah girl!

Sandy said...

both of u look great in those photos. I like it.

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Sandy!

jyclyhn said...

wow.. the photo is nice ...
and the technic of the photographer bravo...

saltvinegar said...

Thanks! Even though there was a last minute change in photographer i'm really happy with the results

ping said...

hi..can u share me ur package? i kinda like the offer they r having now..the 'ala-carte' type where u can chooose wat u wan instead of wat they give ;) my email is eepeiping@yahoo.com

Huey said...


I like B the most! Hard to describe why I like it but it is my first intuition. :p It looks like a poster and the main actor and actress is telling us their love story in this lovely place.

I like D too. You look like a fairy in the jungle. And I like E,F,and O too. The photographer is able to bring out the sweet message of a newly weds! I like the "feel" they create in the picture.

Congratulations again! You look gorgeous!

Huey Ying
MB member


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