Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Chinese New Year clothes!

I've got lots of calls coming up for the next two weekends till CNY, cos then i'll be having 9 days off! Yeah.. can't wait. Even though i've got to many calls to do, still managed to get my CNY shopping done! Yes!Yes yes .. no more last minute CNY eve shopping for me haha.. But of course i can't show you the clothes i bought cos then it won't be fun anymore.. CNY clothes are new and never seen before.. the whole fun of CNY is to see everyone in their spanking new clothes or gleaming fashion ideas off my stylish cousins!

But i will say i've so far bought a 2 dress shirts to layer over one another( really cant be worn individually) from cotton on, and also spent the same amount of money on an office lady type dress from Sg Wang together with a belt, the mandatory short pants also from Sg Wang, and a Tokidoki T-shirt ! Thats quite enough for me i think. may do some last minute shopping on the eve of the eve just before flying back to good old JB..

Jh has been rather successful at his shopping too.. completing his mandatory once a year clothes shopping trip at one go.

While walking in Lot 10, saw something at the Ettusais counter that looked familiar.. OMG i've seen it before on Cheeserland's blog as something she bought on her Japan shopping trip. You can read it here. It's the Ettusais Lip essence.Wow so it's sold in Malaysia too! Was itching to buyit but one look at the price. Rm 40++ for a small tube got me thinking twice.. Hmm better check out the review before buying.. And it seems all the reviews are nothing but praises. Wow so this is next on my wishlist!

Dong dong dong chiang! The most wonderful time of the year!

Going to Desaru again.. this time Dan has booked the newly opened resort in advance yeah!

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Carmen said...

guess what?

new clothes on cny is just another reason to shop for more..


i myself havent got anything...

anyway, nice blog...


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