Sunday, 10 January 2010

Feb Japanese Magazines GWP

The latest Japanese mags for February will be hitting Kinokinuya stores soon and some may already have reached long ago..  even though it's barely into January. Compared to the January issues nothing really warrants me going all the way to KLCC to purchase. The only thing that looks marginally good is the In Red mag that comes with 4!! Jill Stuart products namely a mini blanket, a huge pouch and 2 key charms!! Wow.. and i love the pink zebra prints too! Can't get the actual pics of the gifts but just take a look at the top left or right hand corner for a look at the gifts!

Steady... after the lovely Samantha Tiara gift comes up with an abysmal beams canvas tote.judging from the video looks a bit flimsy.

Mini's gift a x-girl bag.. looks nice but to pay 40++ for an unknown brand in Malaysia?Pass..

Spring is with a Marc Jacobs Lola pouch.Worth it i guess if you're brand conscious and like alternative patterns on your pouch.

And cutie comes with a really cute Care Bear pouch and large vanity mirror. Sorry no pics but you can go check it out here.

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