Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wedding photoshoot

My photoshoot is over finally! And all i can say is that it was such a disaster form the get go. First of all my designated photographer's wife decided to deliver on the day of my photoshoot so i had to re choose a photographer. I don't mind the change actually cos i think all the photographers probably have the some level of competency for them to be called photographers but it's just such a blow to know that the photographer that you booked 2 months in advance can't make it half an hour before the photoshoot. But that was actually the least of my worries. I seem to have a face that once you slap on any kind of thick makeup transforms into a totally different being.

My God it reminded me of my disastrous photo shoot during my uni days in Seremban where i looked so different from my actual self. I thought perhaps it was due to the poor skill of the make-up artist but now i guess not. My make up artist was pretty good giving me a kawaii Japanese look and all but seriously i looked damn weird after the make-up. JH said my eyes were looked too wide set ugh.. And i kept telling myself thick make-up is needed for photo shoots. The crew was damn nice so it made the shoot rather ok and fun but now i dread to think what my photos look like.I don't want to look like another person!!

The worst thing was when the photographer saw my facebook profile picture.. he asked if that was me cos i look so different!! At that point i felt like i should just remove all my make-up so that i can at least look like me in the last few shots!!

Sigh..i think i need photoshop to remove make-up!!


Look at it!! Wide set eyes.. weird balding forehead.. fierce crayon shin chan eye brows and ghostly pale skin!! And obviously over dramatic eye lashes! Transvestite.. argh!

This is me with very minimal make-up.

Totally different yeah?? Now all i can pray for is that the photographer is really top notch  and can make me look pretty.. prays hard for mad crazy photoshop skilss :p Imagine hanging up a wedding photo that doesn't look like you??

Jin hui on the other hand had it easy.. 5 minutes of make-up and he looks great! No make-up look. Ha ha but sorry can't put up his picture here cos he's really private.

I'm only watermarking the pics cos i don't wanna have my ugly pics on any other blog..

Does this look like me? I can't gauge any more..

I think i look better from the back.

Hai should do photoshoots without make-up.


Anonymous said...

you looked great, my dear~~

Shin said...

the 'after' picture still look like you ah (probably becoz of the smile?) :)

my fren once requested not to have heavy makeup for her photoshoot, end up the pics look like she din have any makeup! i'm sure ur pictures will turn out great, dont worry! :)

saltvinegar said...

Really? I really really wanted to ask the make-up artist to remove all my make-up and have it on really light.. Hmm i shall be waiting and see how the pics turn out but i hope you're right Shin!I couldn't sllep for a whole night thinking bout the pictures but i'm ok now.

And who is anonymous?

Mummy said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y so ugly one?!?!?!?!?

saltvinegar said...

This had better be a joke Daniel/Ben!!

~niCoLe~ said...

U look very elegant, actually. And I think that the photos will turn out beautifully. Don't worry. Have faith in your photographer =) Congrats!

May said...

HI, u look great!! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

What consumers fail to realize is makeup needs to be heavier for photos because you are taking a 3 dimensional object and turning it into a flat photo - with that and lights, you will have NO definition without a heavier than usual makeup.

This is why artists are artists and consumers are, well, brides who pay for artists.

You looked MUCh better with the makeup. Sorry, but it's true.

saltvinegar said...

When the artist fails to realize what the consumer wants, then that artist must not be very good, don't you think?

Make-up is obviously needed for photoshoots, but there is a fine line between enough make-up and too much make up.

For proof, anonymous coward commenter number 8 please refer to this post:

Anonymous said...

I'm your so called anonymous commenter number 8. I'm sorry if i provoked you. I am a make up artist myself and the brides are never satisfied with my work! It's frustrating!

saltvinegar said...

That's because you must be a damn lousy make up artist! You should really open up to the idea that more is less!And that brides are always right!


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