Friday, 5 March 2010

Red with white polka dots

I'm seeing a pattern lately and that is red with white polka dots.
Below the photographic evidence.

First i got this darling red with white hearts wallet from accessorize.

Then i got inspired by a post from cheeserland which resulted with the following amateurish pedicure.

Ignore the veins.A dream for line setting. Who needs anatomy books? In exams i look at my own protruding veins. Ha ha just kidding.

Then i notice the BB cream i bought looks to be of the same theme.

Well almost.

Sorry very lame i know but i guess this is one of those random posts on random days when i don't know what to post but want to post anyway since i have nothing creative or remotely un-routine to do.Hope you wasted some random time reading this.

I shall end this with a crappy music video of a really wonderful new song from Derrick Hoh (He Wei Jian) called Bian Hua the theme song from the new channel U show the Illusionist which i probably won't get to watch since i'm stuck here with Astro being the only form of TV entertainment i get, which i get to watch depending on weather conditions.Seriously we pay good money to watch shows only to be interrupted by weather?

Anyway enough of my grouses on Malaysian TV. I'm just still not used to it after all my childhood years of free, meaningful,sometimes educational, weather uninterrupted Singapore TV which now comes in high definition also for FREE. Not some Astro beyond rip-off which everyone will be forced to subscribe to.

Anyway here's the song i've been listening to on loop.



Carrie said...

nice pedicure....

when u will get ur wedding album?

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Carrie.. i got all my pics but my album will only beready in 1 and a half months!

Michelle Y said...

Gorgeous pedi!
I tried the same design, except that I used blue and black


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