Sunday, 14 March 2010

Japanese Magazines

Japanese magazines are OMG so good.. pretty pictures, nice products, hair-style manuals and step by step make up tutorials and most of all the gifts with purchase.

In fact so many Japanese, Taiwanese, Singaporean mags have great gifts with purchase! Why not Malaysia??

I always drool when i go to Singapore and see all the 'free' stuff!

For example: I'm eye-ing these now.

April issue of Sweet magazine comes with a Jill Stuart Cafe pouch.

Actual photo of it.. Looks a bit weirdly shaped in real life though.

Lots and lots of it in stores.

The April issue of Spring also comes with a Jill Stuart product.. a tote bag.. but looks really ugly.

The Gelato Pique 2010 Spring Summer Mook comes with a wonderful traveling case.

This looks to be of damn good quality. But with a conversion rate of RM2.4 to SG$ 1, i gotta think twice. Not paying RM60++ for a gift..

Why can't all bookstores have this!! Woots.. the sight of happiness

All photos are credited to Rouge Deluxe and Unofficial guide to books Kinokinuya.Before going to Singapore why not check out what lovely gift with purchase are in store in the lion city at the moment? These blogs are up to date and very concise without missing a thing!


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