Tuesday, 30 March 2010


 I have so many Cambodia pics to put up but seriously not in the mood.. Must be post-holiday depression.. just idling my time away..

Sigh.. do you get the feeling of not wanting to do anything?

Anyway pointless blog post.

Just want to post a pic that makes me happy.

I bought those ball like fairy lights by the way and they were totally useless cos the balls were folded in half and 'si beh' hard to coax into a ball shape, plus one of the packages the wires were out (yup silly me bought two), but that could easily be fixed.. the worse thing to discover mid trying to figure out how to make the folded-into-half balls full again was... that the electrical ports in Cambodia are different than the one in Malaysia so i have just bargained myself into buying 'non-lightable' fairy lights! Genius!

Work sucks..


Daniel said...

You can just use an electrical adapter to accommodate the Cambodian plug point. We used that when we went to Australia, their plug points are also different from ours by the way!

saltvinegar said...

Yup realized JH has an adapter all along. Now the problem is getting the folded into half balls into real balls without destroying them.

shinchee said...

wat are the balls made of? is it like ping pong balls? if so u can try put the folded balls into warm water and let the air inside heat up, then the air will pop up the balls..

saltvinegar said...

I thought of applying heat too but those balls are made of what looks like plasterboard cement, but thin layer la.. still figuring out.


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