Thursday, 11 March 2010

Chinese New Year 2010/ Desaru Lotus Resort

Whats Chinese New Year without pictures right? Even though i was sick and all, i still had pretty good pictures to show for it. Here's to Chinese New Year and all happy festivals that bring families from far and wide together!

Me and my bros~ any resemblance?

Every year i take a pic from the second floor down to the garden below. Cos weirdly enough the entrance of the house is at the second floor.

CNY is not complete without cute little girls pics.

Every year sure must tangkap Zhi Yi to take pics.

Last year all these little girls were posing for me and asking me to take their pics. This year everyone was running away from me pulak. They see me .. scream .. and run!! I'm so scary mer? Here they were 'taking revenge' by taking a pic of me instead!

Love the rustic feel of my eldest aunts place.

Me and my eldest aunt.

Me and XH!

All this was on the eve and first day of new year. After that sick liao.

But still can go Desaru to the newly reopened Lotus resort, previously known as Desaru Impian. The last time we went there was ages ago before i was even with JH. I was probably in form 6 at the time and similarly it coincided with CNY! There were lovebirds everywhere and there was a lovely theme park with a ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds, spinning tea-cups.. etc. It was so romantic at night! Why no pics.. haha at the time we were still using old school camera with film (only 36). All hail digital cameras!

No more theme park there now but thats ok cos the water theme park was just as fun. Too bad i was SICK!

Taken from the balcony.

Inside the 2 room apartment.If you're a couple going there i suggest the one room duplex! Super romantic 2 story room and its cheaper!

But what i love the most was...

... great Singapore TV reception! Over the years of coming to Desaru every CNY, my only grouse was the poor or non-existent Singapore TV reception. I had to spend many a boring night watching stupid cable TV or go and watch whatever movie they were showing at the hall. But not this year!! The reception is clearer than my own home!! Definitely did not mind being stuck in the apartment due to not feeling well. Loves..

So i loved the water-slide.. we start at the far end on the right...everyone gets a float to sit on

..... then you go underground and into the next pool.. the water goes really fast at some parts ..

and you end the adrenaline rush by sliding into the big pool.. look at the left side of the pic.. children with their see through floats running out to get back to the starting point again.

Of course going to the beach and just enjoying the man-made wonders would be really silly..

Clear water.. soft sand.. refreshing sea breeze and lots of sea shells.. whats not to like?

Pardon the pajama shorts! In my defense I'm on holiday.

Unintentionally 'yeng' picture...

The resort just a few feet away.


What i love about the beach is that there is life all around us.. our annual nature study field trip..

Hermit crabs in every shell.

Mr . Salamander

And of course crabs..

There were really big crabs like the one we eat in the shallow end of the sea but of course too chicken to catch it.. big pincers wey!

And how could i forget.. the coconut.It fills up..

and it splashes galons of water on the eagerly awaiting crowd!

And there were lots of photo opportunities too..

All in all everyone had fun even sick old me.. being feverish and being splashed with water.. felt great! Lets just hope the crowd is enough to sustain this resort so it does not close down again!


Agy said...

Hi hi, would like to check with you where you booked this in Singapore? Agent? We tried to get ferry tix but no reply so ended up not going to Desaru.... Thanks.

saltvinegar said...

HI there Agy.
I'm from JB so we drive there annually.
We booked from the official website last year but the site had been down for some time now.

This time we are booking through agoda.
Here's the site:

Hope this helps


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