Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Work work work.. the calls are piling cos my pregnant collegue is not doing calls anymore and will be on maternity leave for a minimum of 2 months. I forgot just how tiring it is doing back to back calls. I've just finished doing back to back and EOD calls and i'm really drained. Yet i have to do it again on Friday. Oh well.. No pain no gain.Thank God for pms off.. i've been coming home and sleep the whole evening. Funnily enough i seldom get sick when i'm under pressure. Maybe due to the adrenaline rush?

Anyway working in the hospital you encounter funny ,silly things happening everyday.

1) Recently we had a new phone operator who is super annoying. Initially we gave thought it's cos he was new so we gave him some time to grow into his job. But seriously he is pi**ing us off everytime he is working. First of all when we cal the conversation usually goes like this:

Operator: Selamat Pagi, Hospital 'so and so' boleh saya bantu?

Me: Say Dr. C. Tolong sambung Dr O and G on call.

Operator: (Almost deafening volume) DR O AND G....SIAPA YANG BERCAKAP NI? (I already introduced myself and he's asking again when other operators can recognize our voice immediately)

Me: (Irritated) Dr C


By that time already gone deaf. Worse of all he connected to a wrong doctor and in another hospital!!

Omg.. but thats not all. He always gets the doctors mixed up even though our names are vastly different. He'll call me when i'm not on-call mistaking me for a colleague of mine who has an Indian name.. when i'm the only female Chinese doctor in the hospital!

Not only that he called my boyfriend at 2 am when he was sound asleep when he was meant to call another doctor.

Seriously we cannot switch off our phones at night because who knows when we are needed to help but seriously we can't even get a good nights sleep when we are on-call!

Ha ha but me and my colleagues get a kick out of exchanging horror-stories about his particular phone operator.

2) Patients parents who spent loads of money over 10 years on homeopathy medicine asking for social welfare help for transport home! And it was approved. But my hospital cleaner who is Indian and the sole breadwinner for her family was unable to get help to buy a RM75 aero chamber after we referred her to social welfare. Unfair!

3) After working 28 hours straight, as i was walking out of the hospitals with my over-night bag at 12pm as i was pm off, i heard a snide remark from a hospital attendant (sort of like an office boy). "Wah pukul berapa dah balik ni?" Try not sleeping the whole night and racking your brains off before opening your mouths idiots!

4) Parents who request for admission only to ask 'when can we go home?' 2 hours later.

5) A cute 4 month old baby who had cologne poured into his mouth by his mischievous brother!

6) A 7 year old boy who 'accidentally' drank feminine wash!

7) Sudden arrangements of blood donation drives.And at every donation drive i see at least one person fainting. And when they finally come to they tell you in fact that they have a phobia of seeing blood.

But seeing the adorable kids everyday getting better just makes my day.

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