Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Palgantong uv365 powder

 I bought this powder upon recommendation by 8 Days. And since i went to Singapore i made sure i stopped by Sasa.

They had the full range.Credits to kimiko.livejournal.com.

 I wanted to buy the theatrical  powder at first.

But later decided to buy the one with UV protection instead.

Palgantong UV365 powder.

Sorry OD of stars and sparkles. This is the actual colour of original beige.

It comes in two colours : Original beige and pearl beige.The original beige being the darker coloured one.Even though i am nowhere near tan, i picked the original beige because one thing about Korean or Japanese powder is that it is very light! Perhaps everyone is sheet white over there but basically pearl beige is white, and original beige is light beige.Unless you are really fair, i would suggest you take the original beige to avoid looking like a ghost.

Information on package :Helps in producing 4 outstanding effects- slimming, long-lasting, super hydrating and blooming effects (whatever that means) for the perfect look. Provides protection against ultraviolet rays.

Ingredients:Talc, Dimethicone, Methicone, Silica, Sthylhexyl, Methoxycinnamate, triethoxycaprylylsilane, aluminium, starch,octenylsuccinate,titanium dioxide, Aluminium dioxide,syntheticfluorphlogopite,zinc stearate, calcium silicate,allantoin,propylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben,methylparaben, ethylparaben, iron oxide.

I appreciate that they actually bothered to translate everything into English as apposed to some Korean brands that totally ignore the fact that we need to know what goes on to our faces.

What i don't appreciate though is the use of paraben in their products. If you dont know what the fuss abour parabens is, please read this. However it is not conclusive and almost all cosmetic products have paraben in them.

Titanium dioxide is the stuff that goes into sun block and give UV protection. The rest of the ingredient list is just gibberish to me.

Personal experience: After using this powder for 2 weeks i can safely say it does not promote break outs, does not cause allergic reactions (in me anyway) and it gives a great matte finish. If i had smaller pores (which i dont) it would create a poreless finish as the powder is very fine. For me it gives an almost poreless look which i am happy with anyway. And unlike my majorlica majorca powder, this one lasts the whole day and gives good oil-control as well.

I bought it for S$16.80 for 10g in the Singapore Sasa. The Palgantong thearetical powder was going for S$15.80 so i thought i'd just go for the one with UV protection. Not sure whether Malaysian Sasa has this powder, but even if they don't i'm sure they'll stock up soon as this powder is so popular in Korea and Japan!

All in all: Best loose powder so far and it's very affordable.

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