Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Purikura time

The perks of going to Genting Highlands with JH is, he will willingly go and take purikura pics with me and actually do silly poses. It must be the cold air, or perhaps the smell of money that gets him heady with excitement. Or perhaps it is to reward me for the hours spent in the smoky gambling dens watching money pass from hand to hand as if it were just pieces of coloured paper (which technically it is).

Whatever the reason, i'm just glad i get to take my purikura pics! Woots woots.. i know i'm getting a bit too old for this but i find it so fun especially when there are newer machines and better functions! I saw a really cute blogpost with purikura pics here a while ago and loved the design especially this one, the one in the subway.

Damn cute.

So of course when i saw the same design in Genting i knew it must be a new machine!! So we chose that one. Unfortunately there was a time limit to our designing time (if u ask the girls manning the machines, there are some machines with unlimited designing time so u can really enjoy and take your time), some more there was another couple waiting to use the machine. Man, so she really rushed us decorating the pics.

Here are our pics.

My favourite one. Its actually 2 designs merged into one. JH takes the pic first on the screen and i go next. Then the machine merges the 2 pics together perfectly. But wat got me slightly pi**ed of is that JH din get to design at all!! It was me and the salesgirls. Cos she said tiem is limited and another couple were already waiting to use the booth! In fact she designed everything on this pic!!

Hmmm.. but at least she did a good job la. JH was actauuly happier he din need to do anything..Men.. I liked that she put mini versions of us at the bottom of the page. I dun know how but she managed to reverse our mini images. I actually din noe how to put duplicates of ourselves on the pic initially but in the end figured it out after i saw her doing it. So of course every other pic had to had mini mes!

Bathroom and subway pics.

She did most of the bathroom pic! Wah she put a shower cap on JH and din ask id he minded or not! I designed the subway pic.. but what got me annoyed was that she took the liberty to 'enhance' my pics!! And without asking too!! I think she too 'syok' already! Ish ish ish.. i dun mind that she added a ribbon to my top or put mini versions of us on the bottom left corner, but please la dun mess with my face!!!! She went and added spectacles to our faces.. and she used small sized specs instead of larger ones and made us look weird.Jh lookes a bit like a 'bien tai' cop.Wa lao if lao niang liked wearing spectacles then i wouldn't risk keratoconjunctivitis and spend so much money to put contact lenses every time i go out right??!!

Some more i din realise until the pics were printed out!! Damn angry.. sheesh..

Overly done jewelry box and candy house.

Ok she did the whole jewelry box pic and quite frankly most of the candy house too. I just added bits and pieces. Seriously she should be taking the pictures.

But anyway the pics turned out ok la so i guess thats all that matters .. to JH anyway. For me i enjoy the process of decorating. oh well..

Looking forward to more even if it does mean i have to visit more gambling dens~


bluesoul said...

cutenya....lao niang huh? LOL

saltvinegar said...

haha thanks.. wey dont forget to report ur good news so we can tumpang gembira k?


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