Friday, 13 November 2009

Gem on the road.

Took Ben for dinner one day and as we were on the way day we saw a peculiar sight on the road! And since i now bring my camera everywhere i go (need to learn how to use camera..even though manual reading has been abandoned) i was ever ready to snap snap snap.

Sorry for the hideous paint cover up but i have to protect the car owners privacy yeah?

Can you figure out whats stuck onto the Pajero? Lots and lots of toys. Old school retro toys like freeHappy Meal gifts from McDonalds, tiny ninja turtles, Barbie dolls, Doraemon every 80's cartoon collectible you can think of!

So there we were following closely behind the car , with me trying to get a good shot. Not easy while both vehicles are moving ok? Ha ha.. so JH was like.. "How long are we supposed to follow this car? We're reaching Pyramid soon!"

"OK la ok la no need to follow already la." was my reply. By then i had only this shot to show for.

But waddaya know? The vehicle went up the ramp into pyramid too!

"Ha ha you can continue snapping la" Jh again.

 Following closely even in the carpark. Mind you many cars wanted to overtake us to get a good look.

Ha ha i was hooked!

"Don't let them cut you!" I told JH.

"Am i supposed to follow him until he parks?" Jh says.

"Yes!!! Hahahaha."

So in the end we really did see the guy and his family parking his toy-decorated Pajero and we even parked not very far away!

Well i think you can guess what's next.

Me and Ben had to go and get a close up shot of the toys! Even the seats in the car were decorated with toys! Ben was more of my look out accomplice! Imagine if you catch someone snapping pics of your car!!

Back view.(I have some of thse toys at home!)

Front view.

So kan cheong and made two hasty snaps!! Haha.

This toy-mobile really made my day!


shin chee said...

haha... this car is super fun! esp at the back when it's like the car vomited out a bunch of toys at the bottom there...

btw, there's a foul word on that car, and it's written in chinese, haha...

saltvinegar said...

HA ha yeha like pang sai out toys like tht..
Ha? foul word?? Wat does it say?!!

Its a family car ler.. got kids wan ler..

shin chee said...

haha... initially i thought u mentioned about a family car, but seriously u'll see some chinese characters on the tyre casing with a star symbol on it. it's a foul word actually... ask someone to help translate to u? hehe...

saltvinegar said...

wat does it say??? Just tell me la!!

shin chee said...

haha... it's...



saltvinegar said...

Means wat??
wat is diu nia sing??
Hokkien bad word?

shin chee said...

waliu, it's no in hokkien la... it's a canto bad word...
shout at JH with it, n c his response, haha...
btw, saw JH the other day during the rheumato update... din expect him to come along and we had lunch... cant wait to c u guys again next month!!!

saltvinegar said...

I said to Jh and he ask you to eat shit.. hahaha OK understand liao.Ha ha those ppl working in Perak sure will meet de.. but i so kesian never go for any courses outside of Slim.. haha see you next month for our long travel!


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