Friday, 23 October 2009

Most simple onigiri recipe

I've been experimenting with making sushi and onigiri using the most basic ingredients i can find at any regular Juscos store. With the limited time and limited facilities i have (barely a fridge, no onigiri moulds, one single sheet of cling wrap i tapao from Jh's home, and there are mind you no place selling anything remotely sushi-ish in Slim River) i managed to actually make some pretty edible things.

I made salmon sushi, inari, and onigiri! Here i share with you the simplest onigiri recipe ever.

First you have to have ingredients:
Sushi calrose rice 1 cup (the one with a sumo on the package)
Water 2 cups
Sushi vinegar or a premix sushi powder
Sukiyaki furikake (sukiyaki sprinkle- around 5-6 bucks per pack)
Sakura Denbu (or any filling you like)
Seaweed (roasted)

Your hands ( a pair would be good)
Cling film (optional but recommended if you dun want your hand all sticky)


1.Prepare sushi rice. One cup of rice to two cups of water would be great for 2 people as long the 2 people are not great big over-eaters. Put in rice cooker to cook. Meanwhile the cook can go chill out.

2. When sushi rice is ready add sushi vinegar or sushi pre-mix powder. I tried both and personally the powder tastes better.The powder is damn cheap some mroe about rm1.90 per pack. How much to add? Supposed to be about 1/3 of the packet for the amount of rice i'm using but better to taste as you go along. Tip: Once the rice is cooked turn off the 'warm' button on your rice cooker and leave the rice in for 10 mins without opening the lid. The rice doesn't stick to the pot that much this way.

3. Put your wonderful sushi rice in a bowl.

 4. Now pour in the sukiyaki sprinkle (i call it the onigiri mix and it comes in a variety of flavours: chicken, salmon, some other fish and i think octopus?.. cant be too sure cos i dun read japanese)

The one i'm using is beef so i can only guess that sukiyaki means beef?? Hmmm.. if that is so, then what's with the song 'Sukiyaki'? That romantic song is about beef?

(update: Just checked wikipedia and sukiyaki is a Japanese steamboat dish consisting of thinly sliced beef, vegetables. So why did the popular 60's song have to do with steamboat? Well, absolutely nothing!! The song was originally titled 'Ue o muite aruko' or 'shall walk looking up' but because it was so hard to remember for the English speaking audience, it was renamed 'sukiyaki' and so the title of the song had absolutely nothing to do with the song itself except it being Japanese.So now we know!)

Anyway i digress.

5. Mix well

6. Put the rice mixture on to cling film and put in the filling of your choice. because i have nothing in my fridge, i put in more of the sukiyaki sprinkle and in other onigiri's some sakura denbu. Damn sad.

7. Cover the filling with rice and mould it into triangles.

8. Put a strip of seaweed in the middle or all around it and wa-la! Your own onigiri! Yums~

This recipe makes around 4! And JH and i ate it for lunch cos we had a late breakfast anyway.

Hahaha and i just realized SY reads my blog! Thanks for dropping by!

After that made lots of sushi and onigiri and inari until i am damn sick of it already!And i have loads of ingredients left! Will show more tools of the trade next post.

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Anonymous said...

sorry, this is not onigiri. onigiri is made just with hot rice and salt. it never has vinegar or any kind of sushi mix added. obviously the sushi mix you used is for sushi but it would horrify mostmsushi purists.


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