Friday, 30 October 2009

Laneige Hydra Solution freebie

Ca,e back to Slim River greeted by darkness literally. The whole town was pitch dark save for car head lights and candles. Yup another black out. The only beacon of light was the hospital with its emergency generator. JH contemplated just sleeping in the on-calls rooms. Ha ha but wadaya know, living in the hospital compound has its perks. Our apartment was not affected by the black out. Woots~

Anyways really want to share this. New Tide mag, not sure if its any good since i cant read Chinese, is giving away Laneige hydra solution trial kit consisting of the hydra solution cream , hydra solution essence and eye cream! Woots considering that 40ml of the essence costs SD$83 the trial set which is 10ml/10ml/5ml respectively is quite a steal considering you get a mag to look at pictures and the trial set for just Rm8.00. So please go grab one while stocks last.


Went on Youtube and found a lovely commercial on it staring the very lovely Song Hye Kyo.

Which then made me wonder whether she had some work done as she definitely looked chubbier and did not look as good when she just started acting 6 yrs ago. I then found this:

And thus concludes that either
1) she's a natural beauty with subtle work done to enhance her features
2) she's a natural beauty who lost all her baby fat
3) she's a natural beauty who benefited from years of make-up advice and sponsored skincare
4) she's a .. you know the drill... who benefited from great camera and digital wizardry

By any means she was already pretty to begin with.

Anyway am happy to try out this high end Korean skincare range since i'm not one to dole out money based on hype. I need to try it first.

Now will SK II please do the same thing?

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