Sunday, 4 October 2009


What a tiring day.. though not as tiring as the day i went to Singapore with Tian Ling.. felt like i traveled half of Singapore in a day. Flew to KL and reached at 9.35 am. Slept till lunch and continued sleeping after lunch till 2.30pm (Hmmm come to think of it why am i so tired?)

Then went to to The Curve/ Ikea/Cineleisure with Ben. And since it was already 8.30 pm after dinner only travelling back to Slim River tomorrow morning! Argh have to wake up early then.

By the way for anyone interested here are some behind the scenes photos of Fann and Chris's wedding from QQ's (Fann's younger sis) blog.

Anyway just chilling in front of the computer and asking ,myself whether its worth risking buying online these cute strawberry hair curlers cos it seems to be sold out at Sasa outlets everywhere (from JB to KL)

Reviews have been mixed about these curlers but i guess its good for a try since its so cheap. RM9.90 for a pack of 6 (online anyway).Plus its probably way more comfortable to sleep in since its made of foam. But the curlers will probably be more for volume rather than long lasting spiral curls.

Back to work tomorrow~ Ho hum..

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