Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Loved this song for quite some time now but i have no idea why this song was conceived and did not really bother anyway. All i knew was that this is a song by the 933 Djs and when i was back in JB, heard it as part of a radio story music. So immediately assumed it was a compilation CD of songs or stories from the radio story. Scratching my head as to the origin of the song and why i cant find the full version on You tube. I even left a message on Pei Fen the 933 Dj's blog to try and get an explanation regarding the baffling origin and purpose of the CD.

And i think i may have a clue. (only after i painstakingly translated some Chinese script into pin yin and i could only translate 500 words at a time and mostly i dun even understand half of those 'cheem' words!)

It's a compilation CD, no idea who the other singers or as to what the other songs are, but it's to aid a Down's Syndrome organization in Singapore. Lovely ~ no wonder the CD cover was of two kids.

Great song!

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