Thursday, 1 October 2009


Back in Jb but feeling really lethargic and sleepy all the time dunno why.. must be due to the 9 back to back and EOD calls i've been doing.. Anyways first thing i did was totally devour the 8 days in my home.. especially the latest one with Fann and Chris's wedding photos (took pics to post) and just slept like a pig la basically.

If you've noticed the vast increase in picture size in my blog,, hmm.. i wonder if that's good or bad.. i cant help but feel the photos are a bit overwhelming sometimes. But the old pictures are too small..

How to get just right average sized not too big not too small pictures? Cos i definitely cant post the pics i took from 8 days in such a bigg ass size.. will just look stupid..

Hmmm.. will have to do some research.

On another note will be going shopping with mom and maybe Singapore with Tian Ling tomorrow..just need to call Su Ann now..

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