Monday, 28 September 2009

Of food and stickers

I've been so busy working lately and doing silly miscellaneous stuff. Nothing to show for really just some pictures taken while testing out my camera.The very first picture i took was this~ My room with the lovely powder pink Ikea furniture and "dance dance revolution' mat which i never use anymore and remains functionally as its name suggest~ a mat.

Hard work reading the damn thick manual.. as in my usual procrastinating nature never really got past the basic functioning instructions as yet~

Me having a new camera means~ JH gets photographed a lot more now~

Remember the lousy pics i took while illustrating my damn cheap stickers a while ago? Well they were to blurry to appreciate the stickers.. so here's a re mention of them darling stickables.

Theses are RM1.60 from Famili Mart.

And these my friend are only 60 sen each from Holiday Plaza.

Lovely glittery puffy stickers~

Love the foodie stickers~

Night scene of Slim River~

Real motive is to capture the Raya jam which i can see clearly from my place~

Wah already wat 10pm and still stuck in a slow crawl in Slim River? Damn kesian~

Okie so we were so bored with the food in Slim River one day JH drove us to the newly opened Secret Recipe in Tanjung Malim. Of course i brought along my camera.

In car also take photo.

Waiting for food also take photo.

At the traffic lights means photo time.

All right this post is getting really really incoherent , i'm just posting random pictures with no regards to place or time.. haha..Next up, Midvalley.

Ate at Pasta Zanmai for dinner~ and it was not great but not bad.

I ate the Mentaiko prawn squid lime thingy~ very light and it helped i did not feel jelak.

 In a set you get salad and miso soup.. not really worth getting the set in my honest opinion.

 JH of course got some creamy thing which a don't remember the name but tastes great fter i tried a bite but probably gonna get really jelak after a while.. and the meat (chicken i think) was salty.

All in all prices are around 20 per dish and service is pretty friendly and fast.

Word of advice though, dont order the special ices green tea cos it sucks. just order normal iced green tea and they give you a whole pitcher to share with a partner.

Thats all folks~


shinchee said...

haha... so eager to show those photos u took with ur new camera?

ur hair got really long wor... dun have enough time to go for salon these days?

have u tried sushi zanmai at the gardens? shld go and have a taste of it, nice food there and the price is affordable...

help me say hi to jin hui ok? find sometime to come ipoh la..

saltvinegar said...

No wor where got time to go salon.. hahaha miss my Ipoh salon ler..

Sushi zanmai sounds familiar.. i think i ate there before ler..always got many ppl lining up outside.. yeah fresh and ok pricing..

I always ask JH to bring me to Ipoh but he dun wan wor.. eh u going for Hun Yee de wedding?


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