Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Singapore Zoo

Went to Singapore zoo early this month and seriously its such a world class zoo~ I could spend the whole day there and not be bored. Thanks to a friend we got a 50% staff discount on the admission fees.. thats like rm50?? Cool and thankfully the weather was fine enough for us to walk without any worries. Only used the train once! We were constantly rushing for the animal shows!

I love that Singaporean kids get to go to the zoo on school excursions~

She looks a bit tired though~

Wandering pea-hen wandering into our path.

Rather important map.

Of course JH had seen it all previously when we were at Taiping Zoo so he was only visibly excited about one animal~ the polar bear!

Lazy things.. only really come alive during the feeding sessions~ hmm but if i were them i'd be the same~

His fave treat~ frozen melon..hmmm... not sashimi?

Giraffes just remind me of David Schwimmer~

How do they keep their prints so bright and clean?

Love orang utans~

Failed picture taking~ but kinda looks nice

Balanced the camera on my bag and got this cannot make it shot~

The immortal Ah Meng~cant remember whether i saw her as a kid.

Kindy children at the zoo~ i must have seen 4 different schools of children~ ranging from primary to kindy age.Ka ka see the litte boy smiling to the camera.

On the tram~

Loved the animal shrubs~ JH with little baby elephant~

Me with a giant rat?


Seems to be a lot of water parks in Spore and ppl have no qualms just plunging in getting themselves wet with no change of clothing~ the hot whether will probably dry the clothes out anyways~

Long living creatures.

But slow~ it took me a lot of patience to see him walk a few steps~

Not only were there many varieties of animals in the zoo, part of the fun was looking at the many varieties of homo sapiens~ carrot top! Corn rows!

Penguins doing their thing~

Cant wait to go to the night safari next!

PS: Pls click on the ad if you see one~so far earnings $8.47? Ha ha happy nevertheless.

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