Monday, 14 September 2009

Hodge podge

Nothing particularly interesting happening except that i bought a semi-pro camera! Have been eyeing the lumix lx3 for ages and ages and was about to buy it last week in KL but stopped myself thinking Sg Wang would have a better price.. but waddaya noe it was sold out in Sg wang and Low Yat~ wah~ so geng mer? So i trawled Sun way Pyramid and similarly it seemed to be sold out in a week..hmmm So iwent to this shop and the guy told me lumix lx3 is not so great and that Ricoh GX200 is better yada yada and a semi-pro too.. hmmm.. i gave it some thought and went walking into SenQ. Lo and behold there was a Lumix Lx3 there but at 200 more than the normal price..Plus the sales girl really din noe much about the camera nor did she try to explain anything bout the camera. Hmm with the poor service and really i'm just impatient i bought the Ricoh GX200. Hmm still trying to read the manual to test the functions.. hehe.

Anyway here are some pics from JH's Iphone that i just downloaded.. seriously even though its only what.. 2 megapix?? the pictures are'nt bad at all.

Some Singapore Zoo pics~
Nice collage

Housing some memorable photos~He he he love this pic

And this~

Waiting in line to be kissed~

Love the open concept Zoo~seriously

Eats at Mos burger and pizza place in the Zoo.

Hmm why cant all Zoos be like that~ oh well anyway followed up with some shopping in KL.

To steam my face..bought it at a discount 15% indirectly thanks to JH.

And finally found the perfect pair of gladiator kitten heels for 78 bucks.

Great Raya deco at Midvalley~ Sort of like a 3D Lat comic.

And last but not least Frownies to keep all the frown lines away!!
I frown a lot especially in my sleep!

Time to save lor~

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