Monday, 21 September 2009

JOnah call~

Just came back ffrom a horror back to back call~ you would think Raya time people will just give us a break right?? Wrong.. apparently people are more sick during Raya.. All departments were really busy not only the expected surgical department from the increase in motor vehicale accidents. Surprisingly there were no major road accidents (touch wood) maybe due to the fact that traffic was slow! I could see the highway massive crawl on Friday from my room window.

But the medical, Paeds and O&G department were damn busy!! Imagine people lose all common sense during the festive period it seems.I man drove from KL to pick up his wife from Mersing who was just discharged from hospital for premature contractions at 35 weeks. He then proceeded to dive back to KL. Then at 6 am in the morning they set off from KL for Perlis! On the morning itself the wife was already having contraction pains but being in the army he showed his bravado by deciding to continue with the journey despite knowing his wife was probably in labour. As the highway jams were at a slow crawl it took him 2 hours just to reach Rawang.. by that time the contractions should have been really strong.. In the end .. yup you guessed it he only managed to reach Tanjung Malim and was of course delivered in Slim River!

Ok so she delivered safely whats the deal? End of story?No remember the baby is premature.. and mother is group B streptococcus positive! Meaning i need to give anibiotics for 10 days to the baby plus the baby began to develop tachypnoeia shortly after birth.So there i was without a specialist thinking thank God i have a ventilator and that i can intubate him if the need arises and set a UVC and UAC ... and that i can manage him here when the father just  dropped the bombshell. 'Can my baby be transferred to Perlis?' Wah he thinks the hospital is a hotel with personal valet services? Firstly his baby is not stable, secondly ambulances during public holidays are for emergency purposes only. If my ambulance send a baby to Perlis taking 12 hours to and fro trip just because you have nowhere to stay in Slim River... then we can just ignore all the ambulance and emergency cases for half a day? Please poeple use your brain.

Really needed to explain to him multiple times before he got it. But no raising of voice on my part luckily~ really have to be sabar this time of the year. Luckily the child stopped being tachypnoeic and responded well to the antibiotics!

But the parents will just have to grin and bear it for 10 days and celebrate later.Should have thought about it before driving up lor~ and that is only once of the small incidents in my eventful back to back 48 hour call~

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