Monday, 7 September 2009

JB shopping as usual

My holiday has been one shopping centre after another.. haha i guess its not so much about 'going shopping' but more about visiting my childhood haunts like the ancient former 'longest shopping centre in Malaysia' Holiday Plaza in Century Garden. It has for some time become a haven of pirated DVD's. The last time i went about 2 months ago it was pretty empty but it was afterall a weekday.

Boy was i suprised to see the hive of activity there on Sunday! It was buzzing with people and everywhere i turned there were great bargains, lots of pirated goods and treasures to be bought everywhere! The place has branched into a designer bag knock-off emporium more even than Sg Wang! DVD's and CD's are a staple already but what really got me excited were the really cheap but good quality and diabetic cute stickers!

Come on where else can you find stickers for 6o sen each, and they are puffy glitter ones in the shape of food and hello kitty! MPH sells them for 4-5 ringgit! For the same amount of stickers, i could buy them at holiday plaza for RM1.20.. woots i should start a sticker selling business.. haha just kidding but i really like what Sticker Monster is doing.. cos i just love oggling at pretty stickables.

Sorry for the poor quality pics.. my old camera can really not take macro shots..

Its looks something like this but probably smaller... (pic courtesy of Sticker Monster)

But the actual reason why my mom took me there was because she wanted to show me this shop where every article of clothing was RM10 each.. haha i had a mental picture of what the clothes would be like and i also had a mental picture of what i would be buying even though i have'nt been there yet. Does that make sense? Well i guess i sort of know what type of clothes would be there and i do noe what kind of chep piece of garment i wanted to buy. Cos last month when i was reading Fourfeetnine i read that she was wearing a really cheap piece of dress and i think it looks really really nice on her. So i sort of guessed those kind of dresses would be there in Holiday Plaza. So i bought 2 one for me and the other for my brothers Gf. But his first reaction was 'Yuck!'!

Is this that yucky to you?

Ok so now i have to risk copyright infringement and show you how nice the dress can look when worn!

So nice lor!

Damn cute..My brother has no taste.

Really like fourfeetnine's blog. Cos she has just the right amount of girly nonsence and literary humour to make her blog such an interesting read!And she gave me free tickets to watch the premiere of Up which i sadly did not manage to attend cos of the last minute change in venue on the organizers part and JH was too lazy post call.. but thats another blog post! Must blog it cos its not everyday i win something haha.

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