Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Pei Yin's wedding

Ok this happened a month ago but only got about blogging bout it now. It was a great SETA gathering and the turnout was great!! So great to meet up with friends i've not seen since form 5 and all i can say is everyone is getting prettier!!Photo blog from now~

Group SETA photo~

Another one for posterity~how can we stop at one?

My best friend since form 1!!! Wow thats 14 years ago!

SM and YW!! Stylish babes yet really really nice!

Oops more group pics~

Pics in the toilet!

Kawaii poses~

Okay dun be surprised by the marked difference in the picure quality cos all of these are taken by the official photographer~sigh i need a DSLR~

Ha ha caught checking out the photo album~

Love candids!

Thanks Mr cameraman~

The beaming bride with her Dad!She fills hewr dress so nicely now! used to be as scrawny as me.

Great idea methinks~

Achieving this desired effect~

Whats a dinner without 'yam seng'?

The lucky groom...

Who looks like an actor from 'Heart of greed'! My mom's hooked on it btw~

Glad to know we may look different (prettier) now, everyones still as nice as ever! Never seen a catfight in my class ever... looking forward to seeing many many more sweeties in weddings to come!! Better buy more dresses!!


Jarien said...

wahseh .. u r looking forward for the weddings? or looking forward for the new dresses? hehehe

plan ur own wedding la ..
can wear prettier dresses .. hehehe

saltvinegar said...

hahahaha looking forward to meet up with u guys la.. hahaha eh bought a new camera to take pics.. hahah for future weddings..

Ok i already plan for my wedding liao and ur definitely my ji mui!!

saltvinegar said...
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