Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Chai Ai Jia victim of bias?

 So Ai Jia's amazing run at One Million is over with 5 outstanding PK matches.Due to her small girly frame and somewhat cute/act-cute(i dun see a problem with that) ways, she blew the judges over with her strong voice and her professional stage presence.However after the initial amazement of it all , the judges started getting critical and to me a tad bias?

Somehow they are always on the contestants side.Judge for yourself.

Yong Ling's voice just went out of tune at the beginning while Ai Jia gave a really strong performance for 'Xing Xing i'm not a Star'. For me there was really no contrast in singing abilities at all. But How come the extremely high marks for Yong Ling? Cos obviously being the last elimination PK match, they have to show their contestants are of high quality and able to beat the best of them.. cos if they all lose who will wanna watch when the PK segments are over?? And don't get me started on Li Jie Yu.. his whiny singing really p***es me off but he can tie with Anthony? Smells fishy if you ask me..

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