Monday, 31 August 2009

one million star

And Chai Ai jia'a amazing run on one million star continues when people like Project Superstar winner Chen Di ya and campus superstar winner Huang Zhi Yang had been eliminated~ just goes to show the superstar series are such popularity contests~ ish ish ish.. Admittedly she is rather more impressive now than she was before during her campus times.Ha ha ha what i'm speaking as if campus superstar 2 was eons ago when in actual fact it was only this year.. ok enough of my ramblings and let the video do the talking~

This is the 2nd PK match~

And this is the third~

She and anthony are now the major PK giants on the show woots woots~

And now Olivia Ong is there for the ride~

The last PK match is next week~ One million star will be damn boring la without the pk champions~

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